WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!! (12.21.10 — Day 600)

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[youtube DkZ7jMYeBIA]

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комментариев 17

  1. Russell Neustadt:

    I started watching from Day 10 I believe and I heard of you from the one and only Shay =)

  2. Prabin Bajracharya:

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  3. stonersrule1:


  4. HPPbby3:

    Looks like there is a face at the bottom right hand corner o.o 2:45

  5. Jessi White:

    i was subscribed to your charlestrippy acc and i was here sience day 1…and im proud

  6. Belle Brazell:

    lol he said SANGWICH!! 8{P

  7. kristinery808:

    started around 2 weeks before christmas 2012. and ive been watching old videos starting from july 2010 through vidcon and til now!

  8. NiclasArvidsson:

    thank fucking god he got rid of that hat.

  9. shikigama1233:

    Fuck u Girl .. im stil alive 

  10. EmForMichelle:

    I heard it from bfvsgf 🙂 <3

  11. Collin Jacobs:

    i dont remeber when i started watching , but i found out about you guys by clicking on one of the videos for cedar point lol . But I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

  12. Amanda11D:

    I started watching ctfxc from when i saw there nomination for the teen choice awards also if you go onto blogtv and watch his latest old live shows there is extra footage on the sketchy mcdonalds

  13. kingdarkstar1:

    I literally did the same thing.

  14. TheKingpinWalrus:

    I think I heard about CTFxC from iJustine when she went to your wedding, but didn’t start actually watching until around day 1200. Now I’m hooked.

  15. SuperSagaloo:

    I heard from bfvsgf when they were talking about Charles’s surgery and then watched a vlog and thought it was boring so like a hundred days later watched again and got hooked haha

  16. LoveSmileNSing:

    hearing alli say she needs a size two freaks me out LOL. here in the UK we have 8,10,12 ect

  17. allstarsnorks2:

    First vlog was around Day 800+