Building a Budget Hackintosh

In this video, I walk you through the process of building a budget hackintosh! Here’s the parts I used in the build: Motherboard: Processor: Memory: SSD: Power Supply: Ethernet Card: **Not mentioned in video** Wi-Fi Card: **Not mentioned in video** Test Bench: Audio: **Note** Networking and audio isn’t supported out of the box on this board. Some work can be done to get these things working, but honestly, probably isn’t worth the time. Although not discussed in the video, check out my suggestions above for out-of-the-box solutions to audio and networking! Website: Twitter @cpukid

[youtube d7Lss-w0kTI]

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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комментария 22

  1. HerpDerp063849:

    no that a shit computer
    This is a proper budget computer

  2. HerpDerp063849:

    No its not

  3. StudioSecond:

    no douche, hackintoshes are faster and upgradeable

  4. Dylan Harrison:

    For the money just get a mac mini its practically the same plus its a mac

  5. thepineapplestory:

    is this build good for booting up hackintosh and windows 8 in one computer? thanks.

  6. Kurt Grosser:

    What about the Gigabyte H77N-WIFI that TonyMac recommends in their new buyer’s guide?

  7. madjimms:

    Eeewww its a Mac hipster channel.

  8. Objectified Cross:


    That’s not budget.
    I’m running 2GB of DDR2 667
    A Pentium D 930 and a Antec VP450 PSU
    Oh the board is a MSI P965 Plat.

    Currently with an X300SE (temporary/borrowed) as I had a 7900GS but it fried. :I

    It all cost me like 100$ (30$ for the mobo which came with the CPU, 10$ shipping, 40$ on the PSU. . .etc)

  9. SmallGoneBig:

    Do you still have your hackintosh in the mac pro case

  10. brandonrobinson5150:

    Bob Im haveing troble with my hacktosh. If Iist my hardware can you help me out, with the best setting to get to mountain lion? The hardware is very similar to yours from a year ago.

  11. Vukmon:

    Finally. So short & so informative video. WOW

  12. Jackintosh7:

    Hey if you guys have time can you please check out my Channel. I’m a young tech reviewer, graphic designer, and computer programmer. On my channel you will find quality videos such as; reviews, unboxings, tutorials and more! Can you please check out my channel to get it noticed?

  13. Jordan Ferras:

    you basically just answered your own contradiction

  14. TalesOfWar:

    Make sure USB legacy support is turned on in the UEFI/BIOS, or try a different keyboard if you can.

  15. TalesOfWar:

    For $20 that case will suck major ding dong unless it’s something that usually costs a great deal more on some amazing sale or something lol.

  16. Jordan Ferras:

    not really. he said test bench ran him 100 alone. you can get a budget case for 20 dollars easily. 8gb ram is standard for my needs (and ram is cheap in the first place).
    i just picked up a brand new 2500k today. looking at that same motherboard (selling for 65 dollars atm with pricematch). im looking at around 250-300 dollars for my build (better cpu than this)

  17. overlordnicksclips:

    seems kinda overkill-ish for a «budget» pc
    8 gigs of ram, budget needs 4
    80+gold, bronze would be fine (i dont know what you paid for that though)
    ssd?, hhd is much cheaper
    just saying, «budget»?

  18. Dandougproductions:

    What did u do for blue tooth? For the wireless mouse and keyboard and mouse

  19. zismen1:

    heya bob. thanks for the vids! i need help deciding what motherboard to get — im making a budget hackintosh like yours, with i3 3225, i was thinking about GA-H77N-WIFI. should that be okay as well, or iwill have a painless experience with the one you picked for this machine?

    also, would that be hard to get audio and networking working? im quite of a newbie at this, but shouldnt multibeast have drivers for this? 🙂

  20. MelL D la Cruz:

    GA-Z77M-D3H or  GA-Z77M-ud5H

  21. will Emanuel:

    I have a custom built computer and tried to install from the boot stick and my keyboard does not let me choose what drive I want to use. Can you help me?

  22. RLfilmz:

    yes. its just hte m-ATX version of this board, although this board is only $120 so I’d go full ATX