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11-11-2012 Day #6 ❤ SAM’S MAKE UP CHANNEL: www.youtube.com ❤ SAM’S BLOG: www.samschuerman.com ❤ JAY’S BLOG jayschuerman.blogspot.com ❤ JAY’S TWITTER: twitter.com ❤ SAM’S TWITTER:twitter.com ❤ JAY’S FACEBOOK PAGE: www.facebook.com ❤ SAM’S FACEBOOK PAGE: www.facebook.com ❤ SAM’S INSTAGRAM: samschuerman

[youtube mRLG8d4IXPg]

ipad mini

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комментариев 25

  1. babykhakes:

    Beautiful family

  2. msmandy00:

    My son (9 years old) and I have been watching a few of your videos together ( new subbie). My son said that he thought you were the most fun mom EVER!!

  3. Meghan F:

    both the kids look so much like jay 🙂 and they are so well behaved and sweet!

  4. andreapenney1996:

    they said its cold when its -4 degrees? that sounds so strange to me because its like -40 or -50 degrees here all winter 😛

  5. Rach92115:

    Glad I’m not the only one that constantly sits in a parking lot to nurse 🙂 glad to see you all are well!

  6. sOmEgIrLAandB:

    Lilly is just so adorable 🙂

  7. purplesam1323:

    You looked gorgeous in this

  8. 1adrow:

    I love you’re dads accent!!!

  9. sarah jane:

    Hey Sam, is Jay still going to be doing his cooking channel? (:

  10. 1xoxshelbsxox:

    1:55 = cutest face ever!!

  11. GUTIERREZ161:

    @Vovo2088- lol im not hating im just giving my opinion(:

  12. Kayla Nunya:

    beautiful babies!!

  13. betinaitalia:

    I know. Both Phoenix and Lily are very well behaved.

  14. ellie fitz:

    stop hating just deal.

  15. aforvis:

    My Dad’s bday is the same day! YAY!

  16. op1655:

    Wow 9 degrees thats crazy it was like 30 for us here early this morning

  17. op1655:

    No Joke Sam I’m honest 100% Emily has as of right now 20 pairs in each size up to size 6 for toddlers lol…. I know I went crazy happy when I was prego with her I love shoppin for baby things!

  18. op1655:

    awwww I soooo want those red dress shoes Jay found my little Emily would look sooo cute in them!

  19. op1655:

    Your Mall looks just like our Mall here in Ohio in Lancaster Same stores too whats the odd of that lol

  20. Amz1766:


  21. GUTIERREZ161:

    Jay’s dirty jokes are getting on my nervs!

  22. 20justdance11:

    at 10:30 when you guys were talking about boots with tread vs. boots that are cute, I was thinking, isn’t that the opposite way around? Sam was talking about wanting tread not cute and Jay wanted cute not tread. and right as I was thinking about it, Jay said it hahaha. I thought that was funny!

  23. tinytoma25:

    my hubby and i are soooo glad you guys are back!!! we love you!!! xoxo!!!

  24. Jen Nifer:

    It’s «LILY» everyone, not «Lilly» …. OK? 🙂

  25. foreverchelsea27:

    Phoenix and Lily are the cutest! 🙂