How to Make a Mug Rug- Cupcake Applique

SUBSCRIBE HERE: In this video I teach you how to make a quick & easy mug rug! A mug rug is like a coaster, only bigger. Think of it as a mini-quilt for your desk or table and a happy place for your mug to rest. These are really in right now and make great gifts. It’s also a great project to use up all the fabric scraps you have stashed away! Cupcake Applique Template can be downloaded here: **NOTE:When printing the template set your printer settings to «Fit to Page» so it will print in the same size I used in the video.** REGISTER TODAY for my online sewing course- Sew Little: Nursery Design. For a full course video preview and for a 50% off discount exclusive to Crafty Gemini viewers click here: To create this project I used the following materials: — 1 rectangle of white fabric at 6″ x 7.5″ — Designer Solids in Winter White, Free Spirit Fabrics: — 1 rectangle of blue plaid fabric 7″ x 7.5″- Sugar Hill by Tanya Whelan for Free Spirit fabrics: — 1 rectangle of blue plaid from 12.5″ x 7.5″- Sugar Hill by Tanya Whelan for Free Spirit fabrics: — assorted fabric scraps for cupcake applique: and — Pellon Wonder Under: — Pellon Fusible Fleece: — rotary cutter + mat — clear quilting rulers — coordinating thread — sewing machine — iron + ironing board — pins Post pictures of your finished mug rugs on our Facebook page at: Crafty Gemini mobile app: available for FREE in

[youtube Z43J5S45FNQ]

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  1. Mandy Williford:

    Very nice tutorial! Very easy to follow and fabulously articulate! Thanks so much for the time you put into it! I can’t wait to try this out. I’m an applique virgin with very little sewing experience, but your tutorial makes it look so easy and fun! Thanks again!

  2. amc283:

    Super Talented you are!!!! Thanks for the vids, I will use this technique to make a pocket for my nieces dress. THANKS!!!!!

  3. TheGrammy3:

    You are an Awesome teacher!!!

  4. TheCraftyGemini:

    Thanks! :o)

  5. Paula Mirela:

    you’re awesome! i love the way you teach! love your channel! thanks for everything.:)

  6. TheCraftyGemini:

    Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed the tutes. :o)

  7. darlene baker:

    Love this I made one to go with a tea wallet I made for a co-worker, Love your videos, also watch your video on zippers, very very helpful

  8. TheCraftyGemini:

    No prob. Have fun!

  9. hairandmakeupme:

    Omg! this is very very helpful…TFS XXXX (^_^)


  10. TheCraftyGemini:

    Thanks! That’s great to hear. :o)

  11. April Tula:

    omg this is so darn CUTE..Your very simple on your videos but also at same time your informative..I can learn better from your tutorials then long complicating tutorials.. 🙂

  12. TheCraftyGemini:

    Sounds cute! Have fun!

  13. jema2609:

    I’m thinking of making the mugrugs smaller (5″x5″) and then using the frosting of the cupcake to make butterfly wings! I’ll finish it off with some elongated ovals and the heart to make a complete butterfly.

  14. TheCraftyGemini:

    Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed the tutorial. :o)

  15. JaimseyGirl:

    You are awesome…I just made one of these, and LOVE it! You make the coolest things! =) Thanks! =) =) =)

  16. TheCraftyGemini:

    Thanks so much! :o)

  17. Carylanne927:

    congratulations on your Crafty Class. I’ve been watching you here for several months, and at that time gone through most of the videos. Love what you are doing. The cupcake is cute,I’ will make a onesie of a new granddaughter. This Texan says Hey!!

  18. TheCraftyGemini:

    Thanks! Glad you enjoy my tutorials. :o) As for applique stitches… my best advice is go slow and practice, practice, practice! :o)