Too Much of Me

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[youtube O2exuUqVWSs]

iphone 6

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комментарий 21

  1. Chisagi:

    I only use the «Next» annotations.

  2. biarnylr:

    awesome thumbnail!!!

  3. MrGodzillq:

    i dont use annotations, you can actually just leave em out

  4. 1320gearhead:

    Chyna makes a pretty nice thumbnail. Almost as good as a ferret.

  5. cheesesydogs99:

    i always use the annotations :D

  6. OwenBruch22:

    Don’t they know it’s your job to be crazy and filming outside!? No I’m on a mobile sorry :(. No pidgins! Well at least there was a little Chyna.

  7. ominous450:

    you’re right I click on the videos with Chyna in the thumbnail 😛

  8. Infernibuzz:

    Please donate money to the production of episode 7 of PoPs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The indiegogo campain will end IN 30 HOURS on october 31 and as I’m writing this they only have $8,103 out of 20,000!!!!!

  9. Mikey Jones:

    I don’t use the annotations, I follow you via RSS(es)… so I get everything in order via that…

  10. Andy66683:

    im on mobile

  11. RagdollRalph:

    I use em, they are probably giving you alot of views, keep it up or test it, its your choice 🙂

  12. cedricward1:

    Who is chyna to him

  13. nonnankobra:

    I use the annotations although I would prefer if the links were in the description instead. Either way, links to next/previous video are useful.

  14. LetLovesOwls:

    Can you tell/show us what Chyna’s arm tattoo says?

  15. Dockmark5:

    i always use them ty

  16. thatonefreckledgirl:

    «If the daylight’s given up, I’m giving up too.» is now my motto.

  17. r0r0rainb0w:

    I never use them.

  18. autumnsylver:

    I don’t use annotations. I find them a bit annoying. Since I discovered the «turn off annotations» button on the bottom of the youtube player, I use it all the time.

  19. kaylenboudreau1000:

    everyone likes all of your videos! One does not simply dislike a wheezywaiter video

  20. glowyrm:

    I don’t use the annotations although I do appreciate them, if that makes any sense.

    When I’m done with a video I just click the channel name and go check out the channel and see what I missed.

    Your channels have links to your other channels so it’s very easy that way. I would rather see the list of videos and picked what I missed instead of using an annotation that goes back or forward 1 video.

  21. Aaron Lewis:

    Dear Chyna, your tattoos are super cool and awesome! im jelly. love me.  🙂