Most Beautiful Place In The World • Thru My Eyes Video

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[youtube qlSL6I0w6Uw]


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комментариев 20

  1. Eliška Hercogová:

    This is something u should do most…its like motivation, relaxing video really AMAZING!! You are talented!

  2. alice williams:

    If you just slow down and watch…you notice so much more

  3. Ashley Nicole:

    I didn’t want the video to end, It’s all beautiful. Amazing video Sawyer.

  4. themish424:


  5. mayiizmocca:

    This could be shown in Discovery Chanel! Perfect video.

  6. LiveysLife:

    Beautiful music and beautiful photography

  7. Emily R.R.:

    ur so talented like this is so amazing

  8. Joci23180:

    Absolutely fantastic Sawyer! You are a seriously talented man 🙂

  9. Victoria Kash:

    WOW. I LOVE this video! You did an amazing job with this!

  10. ordinaryjeremy:

    Loved this, Sawyer. Also, I’m definitely going to check out Josh Record. Nice one, mate!

  11. Ella Gibson:


  12. talllasianchick:

    You are probably one of the most underrated youtubers out there. I wish more people could realize your talent.

  13. Madeleine B:

    absolutely stunning.

  14. Emily Lee:

    really amazing video, absolutely beautiful.

  15. CarleeJane97:

    Im in love with all that you do. Truly amazing! <3 just perfect. Wow xx

  16. Brandan Tarcea:


  17. Ashley Hall:

    I love your thru my eyes videos. They really make me appreciate how beautiful the world is. You’re amazing!

  18. leissadi:

    So amazing video how you do it

  19. Randomkeating:

    And to think that people say this beauty came from random chance !! Crazy. it’s Gods work of art!

  20. Nadouxx:

    just amazing…wow