Naruto — Sadness and Sorrow on Violin — Taylor Davis

Download this song on iTunes here: Special thanks to my friend Megan Gilliam for filming this video for me! Stay updated and be friends at: =================================================================== Hi everyone, hope you enjoy my rendition of Sadness and Sorrow from Naruto. I made my arrangement by ear and created the backtrack for it as well. No sheet music, sorry. Thanks for watching!

[youtube mF3DCa4TbD0]


Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. TheTelephonics:


  2. kawasakininja13:

    words can’t describe it, BRAVO 😉

  3. kawasakininja13:

    because we live in a sad, sad world

  4. Lexiee Richard:

    Looking back to her first videos, her looks have definitely matured. She looks like a young woman. I almost didn’t know it was her, that’s how mature she looks. Not that she isn’t mature.

  5. Chuckapocca10:

    Was really good. But i still think g britaneys was better 😀

  6. lp239:

    Why doesn’t this have 3 billion views?

  7. Northern360:

    9 people dont know perfect music when they ear

  8. kevin breider:

    Ok this is the best song i have ever heart on naruto and u just played it omg so beautiful ! i have watched all youre videos and damn you are amazing all my compliments to you !!

  9. TheTruthofMusic:

    I couldn’t say which one is the mist beautiful : music or Taylor? ^^
    Anyway, you gave us another masterpiece and emotional song, and I really need to thank you (again^^)!

  10. owencreed121:

    damn I want to learn to play a violin so bad the music is beautiful way better than crappy dubstep or rap the reason I cant learn t play is I don’t have enough money for lessons

  11. Robin Šebelová:

    Its most beatiful score of whole Naruto series, great choice and performance.

  12. MahaAnany:

    you play it better than the original can wait fo your next video

  13. alex cane:

    really cool . you are simply gorgeous

  14. Malcolm Reynolds:

    Amazing girl<3

  15. Roronoa Zoro:

    R.I.P Neji Hyūga & Portgas D. Ace. Naruto & captain Luffy ❤ U

  16. Kanra Nakura:

    do u ever do shows for money?

  17. T10utd:

    This is brilliant, love this piece!

  18. bill extine:

    Great job!!! love all these songs. keep up the good work. 🙂

  19. MsGhodot:

    I just could cry if i see you playing this song. You interpret it so beautifull …. No one could make it better

  20. sergentlataupe:

    You have interpret this song perfectly and I love your clip, Black/white and see the camera moving around the violon at the end.
    See you for your next video, I would like again to enjoy it .
    (excuse me for my bad english bust I’m 13 and french ^^)