Bacon-Flavored CANDY! … and more: LÜT #10

*** LINKS *** bookmark help! Cake pan: Cashew Shirt: Liquid bookmark: See-through umbrella: MIT wallet (just a prototype right now!): Bunny salad tongs: Rocking weiner: Bacon-flavored lollipop: Emoticon rings: Razor eSpark: First eSpark video: Gasoline eSpark video: Spy camera: Cool pillows: Duck Tails shirt: Mozart: DEcomposing: Dissect-a-frog jacket: Oragami napkins: camo toiletpaper: Chocolate bar calculator: Super Pen: Lego Jewelry (doh! it just went down!!): aresol pancakes: iPod Hoodie:

[youtube XIaHeheCKsM]

ipod 10

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  1. craftkills:

    Ü is a smile…..

  2. mconner427:

    i use aerosol pancakes at festivals. i thought it was so bogus but we had to try it. They last for like 20 pancakes a bottle, mess free, and they taste really good, especially the buttermilk ones. Can’t beat it.

  3. Veronika Marcello:

    *this comment no longer exists*

  4. Lexi Megan:

    The batter blaster seems so cool and easy

  5. Luigicat11:

    Or was it? I can’t tell anymore because the comment I replied to doesn’t exist anymore…

  6. Luigicat11:

    It was a joke; Apple the company, the apple from the first episode of the annoying orange youtube series…

  7. 123d57:

    i got the hoodie

  8. LOCKMAN200:


  9. xxbl00dr4ngerxx:

    He said Cool story bro, but he didn’t mean it. It’s a meme of not giving a damn. Sooooo no one cares what u say

  10. LOCKMAN200:


  11. LOCKMAN200:


  12. xerphpsy:

    LOL exactly happens to me!

  13. xxbl00dr4ngerxx:

    I hope you know he was being sarcastic.

  14. LOCKMAN200:


  15. cop449:

    what was vsauce 3 coz there is one but they never mention it