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Platoon of Power Squadron Chicago screening! They’re showing Episodes 4, 5, and 6 despite what it says. Join Team Beard for the SuperNote by leaving a video response to this video Other Channels: MAIN GAMING iPHONE Instagram Google+ Facebook Twitter Wheezy App Website Store http Shoes

iphone 6

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15 комментариев

  1. QuikStepNinja

    yes u r an idiot lmfao

  2. Marmonery

    Get Silent Hill Shattered Memories! 😀

  3. kickcactus

    The thumbnail looks like Michael from Vsauce.

  4. gozzyx1

    you are defiantly right the american chocolate doesn’t taste as good as english ones. i had m&ms from both and the english ones where better

  5. OwenBruch22

    3rd bird, 3rd bird, 3rd bird. Oh thats fun to say.

  6. Blaise Tighe

    Chyna is a little out of your league. 😀

  7. rethinkOURreality

    I should send you something in the mail, I just don’t know what yet! Also, I’ve heard that the musical episode is fantastic, however, I haven’t seen it yet because I’m waaaaaay back on S3…

  8. craigmcbrine

    lol lol I was wondering when you would stop throwing us up in the air…im happy you had the warranty on your camera 😀

  9. craigmcbrine

    eww dont get lego harry potter get lego star wars

  10. CassandraTroy

    A game vlog with Chyna would be fantastic!

  11. DarenixBlade

    ..Is in a band.

  12. Taj Lalhal

    It’s a good thing I broke that camera!!

  13. Taj Lalhal

    He wasn’t feeling lo box for real, wuzz he?

  14. Juurai

    Noo, pleeease, not harry potter… that game is bad.

  15. Simon Robinson

    Do it 😀 Me & My girlfriend did that 😀 by Yahoo! Answers.