WHAT’S THAT SMELL?!! (12.20.10 — Day 599)

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[youtube JX3TN6aXRVQ]

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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комментариев 16

  1. lalablondie514:

    right when i clicked «like», he said «okay, i’ll stop.» this video’s magical guys…

  2. KatieBRaps4Mattysing:

    2 years ago today. That’s pretty cool

  3. Sara Clarke:

    looks like some ppl missed the like button.

  4. Shane Maynard:

    yes man

  5. amazingkid9:

    Fake leather jacket

  6. Rhett DeVine:

    Who the hell is Jake? His name is CHARLES.

  7. mustacheninja66:

    i can not smell i……EWWWW OH GOD IT SMELLS LIKE SH*T

  8. IrnyPherni:

    Fake lather jackit with hottie did I get it yes beat that losers

  9. omgzonez13:


  10. Cutepandamia:

    Who Jake ?

  11. Erin Broxton:

    Yes Man!

  12. Monica Lovett:

    ummmmmmm when I clicked «thumps up» he actually quit singing o_O

  13. Deamondog333:

    the movie is «Accepted»

  14. codrocker1:

    yes man

  15. livetobeleivex:


  16. sharon burge: