Complete Apple iPad Mini Event Recap in Under 5 Minutes

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[youtube _5m3O0VfBwk]

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Rasqal IMO:

    I like apple they do keep it very simple

  2. Wanted797:

    *waves sarcasm sign at the idiot*

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  4. Byrdy1999:

    thank you for the recap…I missed Steve Jobs though, I must wipe the drool from my face now no retina display in the mini

  5. raman singh:

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  6. StuffTubeAmwesome:


  7. UnofficialMovies1:

    Plus, how could they integrate that into the Mac Mini? You need to have a retina display monitor.

  8. Jack Rizza:

    Of course! <3

  9. pegasusbrony:

    Free Spam and virus too?

  10. timknowstech:

    Well actually nobody would expect me to understand because apparently, your english is crippled. /watch?v=4EeXyf-Rq04&feature=plcp

  11. StuffTubeAmwesome:

    Actually, the new Mac mini is thinner than the previous one.

  12. Freddy Nevison-Andrews:

    They’d have to release a monitor with Retina capabilities as well, because no monitors above 17″ (2012 Macbook Pro) would support the Retina Display. I’d love to see that though, I can’t wait until they can make a Retina iMac that doesn’t overheat etc. 🙂

  13. Iqra Naeem:

    im thinking of getting the ipad mini for uni. It seems convenient for me atm but also a little cheaper! Anyone own it already? how is it??

  14. diplai chandurkar:

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  15. Riad Salkanovic:

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