Jamie All Over — Mayday Parade

——————————————————- THE IPOD SHUFFLE GAME BROSEPH {Questions and my answers} 1 What do your friends think of you? SLAYING THE DREAMER — NIGHTWISH 2 If someone says, «Are you okay?» You say? FAMILY GORETRAIT — ABANDON ALL SHIPS 3 How would you describe yourself? A DAY LATE — ANBERLIN 4 What do you like in the opposite sex? HYPERACTIVE — KILL HANNAH 5 How do you feel today? DECODE — PARAMORE 6 What is your life’s purpose? DIARY OF JANE — BREAKING BENJAMIN 7 What is your motto? (I DIDN’T DO THIS ONE BY ACCIDENT) 8 What do you think about very often? BREAK FREE — HILLSONG 9 What is 2 + 2? COLDER THAN MY HEART IF YOU CAN IMAGINE — A DAY TO REMEMBER 10 What do you think of your best friend? LOOK ALIVE, SUNSHINE — MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE 11 What do you think of the person you like? LONELY DAY — SYSTEM OF A DOWN 12 What is your life story? IF IT MEANS A LOT TO YOU — A DAY TO REMEMBER 13 What do you want to be when you grow up? MAMA — MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE 14 What will you dance to at your wedding? MONUMENT — A DAY TO REMEMBER 15 What will they play at your funeral? FANTASY — THE XX 16 What is your hobby/interest? SUPERMASSIVE BLACK HOLE — MUSE 17 What is your biggest fear? WHEN YOU SEE MY FRIENDS — MAYDAY PARADE 18 What is your biggest secret? SAY YOU WILL — FLEETWOOD MAC 19 What do you think of your friends? WHEN DREAMS BECOME NIGHTMARES — ABANDON ALL SHIPS 20 What will you post this as? JAMIE ALL OVER — MAYDAY PARADE Please LIKE

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  1. MusicSpaztastic:

    My name is Hannah. 1:09 was alarming for me.

  2. Lori Failenatlife:

    Same musical taste as me c: && I love the accent!! <3

  3. IWearPlaidPants:

    OHMYGOSH Family Goretrait. AAS, Anberlin, Diary Of Jane by Breaking Benjamin, ADTR, MCR, System Of A Down, Mayday Parade. Just… Oh. Your music taste is impeccable.

  4. freaky1211:

    I love the kind of music you listen to!
    Especially Mayday Parade and A Day To Remember! 🙂

  5. Michelleyeew:

    Are you a Christian!? 🙂

  6. SoulSk8r1295:

    Kill Hannah being in this made my day.

  7. maegan godinez:

    what do you wanna be when you grow up?,
    xD ahaha ooohh.

  8. brittanii lynn:

    i cant get over how adorable you are, wait they sounds creepy. but Ur voice is gorgeous

  9. erinboahberin:

    you have flawless taste in music. bravo

  10. MsKaykaymorgan:


  11. dinda chyntia:

    please marry me x)

  12. keiran walker:

    no it said he likes gf hyper active

  13. Scarlett Sparks:

    Your music interest is fricking awesome.

  14. jordynn1996:

    Okay I like love you . How can you not have friends . Jamie all over is my favorite song and I fckin love abandon all ships. Maybe you will be mama (; lol jk

  15. Dolorosa A.:

    I’ll be your friend

  16. lptbeautifulnbright:

    Everytime i watch this video the part where he says what do u wanna be wen u grow up n the reply is mama by my chemical romance i die laughing.

  17. Allyssa McNeil:

    You be damn gorgeous. ._.

  18. hiatusitus:

    i love this video
    ‘im a scientist’ always cracks me up