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——————————————————- THE IPOD SHUFFLE GAME BROSEPH {Questions and my answers} 1 What do your friends think of you? SLAYING THE DREAMER — NIGHTWISH 2 If someone says, «Are you okay?» You say? FAMILY GORETRAIT — ABANDON ALL SHIPS 3 How would you describe yourself? A DAY LATE — ANBERLIN 4 What do you like in the opposite sex? HYPERACTIVE — KILL HANNAH 5 How do you feel today? DECODE — PARAMORE 6 What is your life’s purpose? DIARY OF JANE — BREAKING BENJAMIN 7 What is your motto? (I DIDN’T DO THIS ONE BY ACCIDENT) 8 What do you think about very often? BREAK FREE — HILLSONG 9 What is 2 + 2? COLDER THAN MY HEART IF YOU CAN IMAGINE — A DAY TO REMEMBER 10 What do you think of your best friend? LOOK ALIVE, SUNSHINE — MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE 11 What do you think of the person you like? LONELY DAY — SYSTEM OF A DOWN 12 What is your life story? IF IT MEANS A LOT TO YOU — A DAY TO REMEMBER 13 What do you want to be when you grow up? MAMA — MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE 14 What will you dance to at your wedding? MONUMENT — A DAY TO REMEMBER 15 What will they play at your funeral? FANTASY — THE XX 16 What is your hobby/interest? SUPERMASSIVE BLACK HOLE — MUSE 17 What is your biggest fear? WHEN YOU SEE MY FRIENDS — MAYDAY PARADE 18 What is your biggest secret? SAY YOU WILL — FLEETWOOD MAC 19 What do you think of your friends? WHEN DREAMS BECOME NIGHTMARES — ABANDON ALL SHIPS 20 What will you post this as? JAMIE ALL OVER — MAYDAY PARADE Please LIKE

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18 комментариев

  1. MusicSpaztastic

    My name is Hannah. 1:09 was alarming for me.

  2. Lori Failenatlife

    Same musical taste as me c: && I love the accent!! <3

  3. IWearPlaidPants

    OHMYGOSH Family Goretrait. AAS, Anberlin, Diary Of Jane by Breaking Benjamin, ADTR, MCR, System Of A Down, Mayday Parade. Just… Oh. Your music taste is impeccable.

  4. freaky1211

    I love the kind of music you listen to!
    Especially Mayday Parade and A Day To Remember! 🙂

  5. Michelleyeew

    Are you a Christian!? 🙂

  6. SoulSk8r1295

    Kill Hannah being in this made my day.

  7. maegan godinez

    what do you wanna be when you grow up?,
    xD ahaha ooohh.

  8. brittanii lynn

    i cant get over how adorable you are, wait they sounds creepy. but Ur voice is gorgeous

  9. erinboahberin

    you have flawless taste in music. bravo

  10. MsKaykaymorgan


  11. dinda chyntia

    please marry me x)

  12. keiran walker

    no it said he likes gf hyper active

  13. Scarlett Sparks

    Your music interest is fricking awesome.

  14. jordynn1996

    Okay I like love you . How can you not have friends . Jamie all over is my favorite song and I fckin love abandon all ships. Maybe you will be mama (; lol jk

  15. Dolorosa A.

    I’ll be your friend

  16. lptbeautifulnbright

    Everytime i watch this video the part where he says what do u wanna be wen u grow up n the reply is mama by my chemical romance i die laughing.

  17. Allyssa McNeil

    You be damn gorgeous. ._.

  18. hiatusitus

    i love this video
    ‘im a scientist’ always cracks me up

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