HOT NIGHT! (12.11.10 — Day 590)

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[youtube D8tZSfu0Qns]

ipod 10

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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комментариев 15

  1. barbaric37:

    I consider my Macbook Air a sexy beast. I mean… Cmon! look at it!

  2. roseySUNSHINE:

    Alli is so beautiful <3____<3

  3. Eric Stevens:

    Why’d you let TeraBrite steal the outro from whoever made it?
    Why doesn everyone use TeraBrite?

  4. Michelle D:

    animail was the best segment on a show ever

  5. StoneyLife1:

    datev is sooooooo hot : ) yay

  6. Abby Beard:

    oh my god animail! I was obsessed with animal planet, I loved that show.

  7. MrsMogsey:

    Actually I think it’s from when they were firing their homemade rockets and Charles would count down from 3. Zoey had to be held back after a while because whenever she heard 3 she’d run up to the rocket barking madly at it <3

  8. Sandra Agbakoba:

    Alli look very very hot.

  9. TheGamerdude567:

    zoey hates 1,2,3 bbecause when they in the pool she gets scared when u jump in <3 (true right?)

  10. Sabrina Torres:

    @CTFxC you guys should really call ceasar millan for marley and zoeys very wierd and bad habbits and their behavior isues, no joke seriously shes soooo goood. CTFxC FTW!!!!!!!

  11. 2201texas:

    Get well soon Charles Trippy!! :):)

  12. jejorgr:


  13. Na'inoa Abad:

    Is charles claustrophobic ? I won’t judge you if you are..cause i am and countless times i’ve gotten stuck in a bathroom, that’s why i use public bathrooms only. I would be totally freaking out if i was in your situation.

  14. Na'inoa Abad:

    Awww…i wonder why that girl got scared of the dogs ? maybe she has some trauma thing that happened in her past…i wish i could help her..most dogs are really sweet.

  15. Chrysoula Papas:

    ahaaaaa…. i was dying when Charles got locked in the bathroom..poor Alli can’t take Charles anywhere..locks himself in bathroom