Terran 3 (StarCraft) Guitar Cover

MP3: www.mediafire.com Well guys. Many have been asking the shit out of an SC1 song, but that’s not exactly why I did it 😀 It’s not that I’m done with SC2 music, but I’ve been listening to a lot of SC1’s themes and they are just begging to be covered. All the terran themes, a couple zerg themes holy crap I can’t wait to do them all. Anyway, you might have noticed a slight heavier usage of Vignette. Just wanted to try it out and see how it looks and it doesn’t look toooo corny/gay? does it? Let me know! IGNORE THE BLUE PAINT STAINS D: Composers: Derek Duke Jason Hayes Glenn Stafford Electric Guitar: Epiphone Les Paul Custom Acoustic Guitar: YAMAHA FGX720SCA Bass: Fender Jazz Microphone: Shure PG81 Effects: Line 6 PodFarm Interface: Line 6 UX1 Drums: Addictive Drums Video Software: Sony Vegas Pro 11 Audio Software: Reaper Mastered by Roman McGee using Izotope Ozone 5 Video Camera: iPhone 4S I DO NOT have tabs as I learn everything by ear

[youtube 0OGQjCFl4yg]

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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комментария 23

  1. 8Nifon8:

    Lol, I synched this video with this one: watch?v=FzuCJf1G-tY&list=FLSqVq54yHf5lxkl71wGIpnA&index=10
    Sounds gewd.

  2. WovenMarx:

    Can I get the guitar tabs for this please? (acoustic)

  3. noble657:

    hahaha I’m smiling 🙂 THAT was just pure mad skill bro!

  4. Schmitzerize92:

    what is this move at 1:07 called where you grind down the string?

  5. bbsolpico1:

    wowowowow.. you got some tabs? :D

  6. PeTTs0n88:

    200% Awesome, there’s simply no other way to put it!

  7. Thelixeffect:

    Terran 5 ey? Wheres that subscribe button

  8. cpthuba:

    Men….. U ROCK!

  9. Jackassbobby112:

    You just played The Song of my life. Thumbs up!!!

  10. nawias:

    i love to play sc2 with this epic music in the background. thanks for it man!

  11. RHouseThreat:

    You want a piece of me, boy?

  12. Becix157:

    you are awesome! do terran theme 4 from sc1… or terran theme 1 i don’t know the order of the themes, but you should do the most famous (the one at the beginning of «No Matter The Cost»)

  13. A Sisium:


  14. xYiazmatx:


  15. Tardy Sauce:

    Might I suggest adding some reverb on those rimshots.. that would really bring out those verses in the intro alot better..

  16. James Tu:

    Duff Beer in the back!

  17. Xanifur:

    So very awesome! <3 It!

  18. DSCAccount:

    Of course I’m going to do that theme 😀

  19. Pynchpyppe:

    Please do starcraft 1 — terran theme 1. Start where it gets all country like at 3:54 🙂 so epic!

  20. Gabriel Asenjo:

    Like, like, like evherywer

  21. Yuruia:

    This was fricking delicious to hear. You’ve obviously worked hard to accomplish this and I say «Bravo». 🙂 Gonna listen to this alot more times, that’s for sure

  22. robzig214:

    As always excellent, don’t pay any mind to the shitheads, please keep going. There was a Diablo 1 song that was quite good too that would lend itself to this style, I think it was the first dungeon levels or the catacombs. Any chance?

  23. ownageplz:

    Electric guitar is in open E tuning…the BIGGEST of noob moves for a guitarist.