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MP3: www.mediafire.com Well guys. Many have been asking the shit out of an SC1 song, but that’s not exactly why I did it 😀 It’s not that I’m done with SC2 music, but I’ve been listening to a lot of SC1’s themes and they are just begging to be covered. All the terran themes, a couple zerg themes holy crap I can’t wait to do them all. Anyway, you might have noticed a slight heavier usage of Vignette. Just wanted to try it out and see how it looks and it doesn’t look toooo corny/gay? does it? Let me know! IGNORE THE BLUE PAINT STAINS D: Composers: Derek Duke Jason Hayes Glenn Stafford Electric Guitar: Epiphone Les Paul Custom Acoustic Guitar: YAMAHA FGX720SCA Bass: Fender Jazz Microphone: Shure PG81 Effects: Line 6 PodFarm Interface: Line 6 UX1 Drums: Addictive Drums Video Software: Sony Vegas Pro 11 Audio Software: Reaper Mastered by Roman McGee using Izotope Ozone 5 Video Camera: iPhone 4S I DO NOT have tabs as I learn everything by ear

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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23 комментария

  1. 8Nifon8

    Lol, I synched this video with this one: watch?v=FzuCJf1G-tY&list=FLSqVq54yHf5lxkl71wGIpnA&index=10
    Sounds gewd.

  2. WovenMarx

    Can I get the guitar tabs for this please? (acoustic)

  3. noble657

    hahaha I’m smiling 🙂 THAT was just pure mad skill bro!

  4. Schmitzerize92

    what is this move at 1:07 called where you grind down the string?

  5. bbsolpico1

    wowowowow.. you got some tabs? :D

  6. PeTTs0n88

    200% Awesome, there’s simply no other way to put it!

  7. Thelixeffect

    Terran 5 ey? Wheres that subscribe button

  8. cpthuba

    Men….. U ROCK!

  9. Jackassbobby112

    You just played The Song of my life. Thumbs up!!!

  10. nawias

    i love to play sc2 with this epic music in the background. thanks for it man!

  11. RHouseThreat

    You want a piece of me, boy?

  12. Becix157

    you are awesome! do terran theme 4 from sc1… or terran theme 1 i don’t know the order of the themes, but you should do the most famous (the one at the beginning of «No Matter The Cost»)

  13. A Sisium


  14. xYiazmatx


  15. Tardy Sauce

    Might I suggest adding some reverb on those rimshots.. that would really bring out those verses in the intro alot better..

  16. James Tu

    Duff Beer in the back!

  17. Xanifur

    So very awesome! <3 It!

  18. DSCAccount

    Of course I’m going to do that theme 😀

  19. Pynchpyppe

    Please do starcraft 1 — terran theme 1. Start where it gets all country like at 3:54 🙂 so epic!

  20. Gabriel Asenjo

    Like, like, like evherywer

  21. Yuruia

    This was fricking delicious to hear. You’ve obviously worked hard to accomplish this and I say «Bravo». 🙂 Gonna listen to this alot more times, that’s for sure

  22. robzig214

    As always excellent, don’t pay any mind to the shitheads, please keep going. There was a Diablo 1 song that was quite good too that would lend itself to this style, I think it was the first dungeon levels or the catacombs. Any chance?

  23. ownageplz

    Electric guitar is in open E tuning…the BIGGEST of noob moves for a guitarist.

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