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[youtube 2hgRrTo7iCE]


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  1. thunderhorse1127:

    Use any size canvas and and brand of crayons to make you’re own rainbow adventure!

  2. Kitty Cat:

    My math teacher has this in her classroom and it says inspire

  3. iluvmypets1:

    I want to do this! But what did you use as a base? Did you use canvas?

  4. Rachel Mansfield:

    Haha :D amazing

  5. Ribena Sweet:

    Hey RAY Awesome raynbow adventure! (ray? Get it?)

  6. Zay Xavier:

    Imma go on my own magical rainbow adventure :3 You’re so creative, Peej!

  7. clouds8D:

    That blue crayon was being a bitch

  8. kadiahall11:


  9. Vickyo0la:

    sorry for spaming but it would be lovely if you could check out my videos. thanks <3

  10. SpaghettiCat Ok:

    can you teach me to draw please asdfghjkl;’

  11. Roni LovesDanAndPhil:

    My friend does this on glued Popsicle sticks. I have one hanging in my locker. It’s so cool!

  12. graceiznotexplosive:

    this is a great idea peej 🙂 and when i was 7 i use to not know december existed so dont worry about your rainbow problem

  13. Anja Schwieterman:

    i was told i had to get off my butt and do something, so im gonna do this!

  14. annelies896:

    Someone else who pronounces scissors totally wrong like me! My love for you has just increased quite a lot