Transylvanian Lullaby — arranged and performed by Erutan (katethegreat19)

HAPPY HALLOWEEN 2012! ^,-,^ ‘Transylvanian’ Lullaby from Young Frankenstein! All vocals and instrumentals performed by me! ———————————————————————————————— DOWNLOADS: ———————————————————————————————— Free MP3 Download: OR iTunes: If you would like to support my music, you can purchase a Studio Mastered version of my cover on itunes! (fully licensed by 20th Century Fox!) thank you very much! @.@ —————————————————————————————————————————— A lot of you have been asking for some live violin, so I decided on this piece! I got to dust off and finally use my glockenspiel in something….and check out my conjoined quadruplet action xD. In the movie, ‘Young Doctor Frankenstein’, this melody was used to control the ‘monster’. Can’t tell you how much I adore this film, please check it out if you can! XD First commenter with a Frau Blucher joke gets a cookie. 😀 Sorry for the amount of white noise/static….I find it difficult to record violin properly in my tiny studio — no bowing room!!! — so I recorded it all in our front room. YT unsynched my video slightly from the audio, and also degraded my video and audio quality quite a bit…if you’d like to see it the way I intended, please visit my nico nico douga upload of it:

[youtube qh8cV6qTwmE]


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  1. phycopathicKitten:

    Is it alright if I use this lovely music in the game I’m making? The game is called Esper for now, and probably won’t be done for years because of money, and the fact that I’m a loner and have no friends to help me with it.. :I But even so, I wanted to ask beforehand. I’ll be sure to put your name in the credits, and make a reference to you in the game of course. 😀 I don’t even think i’ll end up getting to upload the game anywhere.

  2. Cross Peugeot:

    my GOD!!! its so beautiful melody!!! i love it!!!

  3. MsArheaful:

    Love it so much. I’ve always been a fan of yours. 🙂 More power Kate.

  4. DrDress:

    Hi Kate. I’ve promised myself I wouldn’t do any requests, as you must be drowning in them…but…. well…. DO EDWARD SCISSORSHANDS THEME! It must sound absolutely awsome after you’ve sprinkled your magic over it.

  5. DrDress:

    Or maybe it’s someone with a different taste in music

  6. nemanja228:

    This. Is. Unreal.

  7. I Am Castiel:

    My 7 year old daughter who hates any music that doesn’t have words (she thinks they are stupid) is completely in love with this. For how picky she is that’s a pretty big thing. lol.

  8. KatrianaB:

    A jackass troller. As per usual. ^_^

  9. Snafu2346:

    grrr who’s the one person who disliked this! X_X

  10. mrcityboy56:


  11. Ulquiorra77777:

    Talent just doesnt come to people. They work hard for that. And i see the hard work here. Awesome job!

  12. legozackproduct111:

    Fabled Kruis 

  13. Fatlindification:

    Wow. She’s a real talent.

  14. wolfraum:

    carry you home.

  15. FinalCrusher:

    WHY THE FUCK do I have to cry histerically when I hear this song, I never heard before? O_o You have the talent to wake incredible emotions with your music o_o No offense, I love this one the same as all your other song. :’)

  16. bloody31234:

    Amazing Kate, I love it.

  17. theboomtingclash:

    juiosfhjuadhfushsfl I can’t even describe how much I love this. You are amazing!!

  18. garnet2424:

    YES! A violin piece from youu! <3 My fave instrument and you are SO FANTASTIC at playing it. LOVE IT <3 Fancy coming over the the UK and give me some violin & viola lessons? :3 Haha 😛