Jailbreak iOS 5.1 — adf.ly (My YouTube Video) Redsn0w (Windows) — adf.ly Redsn0w (Mac) — adf.ly Certificate — adf.ly Step by Step instructions: 1). Adding Repo: add, repo.siriport.ru to the repos on Cydia. 2). Once you’ve added this repo, you will be able to locate and download SiriPort 1.5. Install the app on your iDevice. Now, reboot. Depending on the type of jailbreak, you might need to do a tethered boot so be careful about rebooting your iDevice. 3). Visit siriport.ru — download the certificate to your iPhone / iDevice and then send it to yourself via email. Open the certificate in the email. 4). Again, reboot your iDevice. 5). Go to Settings — Siri — turn it on. 6). Activate Siri and say ‘Hi Siri.’ It won’t respond. Wait for a few minutes and then repeat it. Do the same process till it responds. (This is where things get real tough because this process is a painful one. You might have to repeat the same phrase several times before Siri actually begins to respond without errors. In many cases, this has been a failure, but you can try it. There are high chances that it will work for you) The most successful device is iPhone 4 running iOS 5.1 with the jailbreak. However, some users of iPod Touch also have reported success.

[youtube 7SG4pzObIf0]

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