How to install siri on iPhone 4 / 3GS

Jailbreak iOS 5.1 — (My YouTube Video) Redsn0w (Windows) — Redsn0w (Mac) — Certificate — Step by Step instructions: 1). Adding Repo: add, to the repos on Cydia. 2). Once you’ve added this repo, you will be able to locate and download SiriPort 1.5. Install the app on your iDevice. Now, reboot. Depending on the type of jailbreak, you might need to do a tethered boot so be careful about rebooting your iDevice. 3). Visit — download the certificate to your iPhone / iDevice and then send it to yourself via email. Open the certificate in the email. 4). Again, reboot your iDevice. 5). Go to Settings — Siri — turn it on. 6). Activate Siri and say ‘Hi Siri.’ It won’t respond. Wait for a few minutes and then repeat it. Do the same process till it responds. (This is where things get real tough because this process is a painful one. You might have to repeat the same phrase several times before Siri actually begins to respond without errors. In many cases, this has been a failure, but you can try it. There are high chances that it will work for you) The most successful device is iPhone 4 running iOS 5.1 with the jailbreak. However, some users of iPod Touch also have reported success.

[youtube 7SG4pzObIf0]

ipod 5

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  1. Hippiesara88:

    So I went and added it to my sources, but when i go in and try to download the actual siriport, it will start to download but then an error comes up in a different language. Is there anything I can do?

  2. dijo joseph:

    Voice Answer Lite: ‘Siri’ like app now available for free

    This app offers users the basic Voice Answer experience, with the option to choose any extras he or she chooses.

    The basic (free) package includes voice recognition and spoken results, voice driven messaging and emailing, translation to almost any language, voice driven playing of music and video,voice updates of facebook and twitter,and lots more.
    Voice Answer Lite: h ttp://itunes.­­lite/id532522396?mt=8

  3. Nik Rider:

    That is the most annoying part … when I updated to ios 5.1.1 it took at least a day for me to activate it, but just keep at it, it will be worth it 🙂


    It doesnt seem to be activating, when to the web address on my iphone, took me to another page and installed the certificate, restarted the phone, i keep saying hi siri and it says try again later

  5. elaina sritiraj:

    I dont get the cirtificate part? any help? i downloaded it and installed it to the comp but then i say hi to siri and she says im having trouble connecting please try again later. help please?

  6. TheMasonh123:

    the redsnow file has a password on it, what is it?

  7. TheMasonh123:

    when i added the source one error came up and it finished so i went into the source to download the thing and nothing is in the source but the siri logo is on the source page so i typed it in correctly. Any suggestions why?

  8. Rolando Lores:

    Wow!! I love you no homo.

  9. Nik Rider:

    No problem .. enjoy 🙂

  10. JPEG1054:

    omg thank you so much! this is EXACTLY like the real siri

  11. Nik Rider:

    Should work as long as the phone is jailbroken just back up the device before trying

  12. fibee1380:

    what if ur running iphone 4 with ios 5.1.1?

  13. fibee1380:

    that wallpaper rocks man!

  14. Nik Rider:

    Nope problem thank you :)

  15. thyagoleitee:

    Works perfectly for me! tks very much!

  16. Nik Rider:

    well when you reboot your devise your re enterring jailbreak mode straight away so you shouldnt lose anything, but just make sure you back everything up

  17. Djronchik:

    if my iphone 4 ios 5.1 is unlocked with sam wouldn’t the unlock disappear after i reboot my iphone?

  18. carl Gustav ekström:

    thanks a lot, works great!