Is Chyna Engaged?!

Platoon of Power Squadron Chicago screening! They’re showing Episodes 4, 5, and 6 despite what it says. Join Team Beard for the SuperNote by leaving a video response to this video Other Channels: MAIN GAMING iPHONE Instagram Google+ Facebook Twitter Wheezy App Website Store http Shoes

[youtube GoYPNSFCXBY]

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комментария 23

  1. raiduk:

    Thanks Captain Obvious.

  2. raiduk:

    OMG Europe isn’t a country it’s a satellite DUH

  3. BiscuitzWithGeorge:

    YAY! I have that dressing gown :3

  4. MadeofAwesome4ever:

    Totally misread you comment as «Brotherhood of Makuhita» (a Pokemon).

  5. Emily Holderness:

    you, my friend, have an epic username as well.

  6. ItCameFromTheSkyBeLo:

    Holy crap, nice username!

  7. 1320gearhead:

    first of all I’m pretty sure you have to have mutiple unpaid parking tickets for your car to get booted. I don’t think Craig was telling the whole story. Or he got scammed by someone impersonating a police officer.

    Secondly I happen to know that not all canadians say aboot instead of about. I have been Canadian for all of my 32 years and I have never heard another Canadian person say aboot. The only people I have ever heard say about are Americans trying to impersonate Canadians.

  8. AbeeeNix:

    You have a nut allergy, Wheezy? Me too! Only mine will kill me D:

  9. Sean Hill:

    Baahahahaha, well said! Sounds familiar…

  10. theoneandonlymoose:

    Europe is a CONTINENT CRAIG.


    Chyna.. awkard . because its hot lol

  12. RuleTheRadio23:

    Chyna’s shirt is awesomely incredible!

  13. starlight1060:

    You take bad things that happen to you so lightly…the theft of your sweatshirt, your cameras breaking, now your car being booted. I am going to try to be more like that. Life seems so much easier that way.

  14. Caroline Brenholdt:

    What is wrong with that Catan board? 

  15. rethinkOURreality:

    Catan came from Germany, right? That’s probably why Leo’s good at it.

  16. Alex Villalobos:

    Burritos are American food

  17. Geardirector:

    Brotherhood of Makuta?

  18. czaracastic:

    Guys he was joking about Europe duh guys duh

  19. blueeyes4071:

    Don’t pressure him!!!

  20. Noah S.:

    Chyna is adorable.

  21. Zphor4jc:

    What’s the game you are playing?

  22. sallyrhiannon:

    oh for fucks sake!

  23. gozzyx1:

    London is not a Country the Country it is in is Great Britain. Europe is a Continent so you got that wrong as well