Is Chyna Engaged?!23 комментария


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23 комментария

  1. raiduk

    Thanks Captain Obvious.

  2. raiduk

    OMG Europe isn’t a country it’s a satellite DUH

  3. BiscuitzWithGeorge

    YAY! I have that dressing gown :3

  4. MadeofAwesome4ever

    Totally misread you comment as «Brotherhood of Makuhita» (a Pokemon).

  5. Emily Holderness

    you, my friend, have an epic username as well.

  6. ItCameFromTheSkyBeLo

    Holy crap, nice username!

  7. 1320gearhead

    first of all I’m pretty sure you have to have mutiple unpaid parking tickets for your car to get booted. I don’t think Craig was telling the whole story. Or he got scammed by someone impersonating a police officer.

    Secondly I happen to know that not all canadians say aboot instead of about. I have been Canadian for all of my 32 years and I have never heard another Canadian person say aboot. The only people I have ever heard say about are Americans trying to impersonate Canadians.

  8. AbeeeNix

    You have a nut allergy, Wheezy? Me too! Only mine will kill me D:

  9. Sean Hill

    Baahahahaha, well said! Sounds familiar…

  10. theoneandonlymoose

    Europe is a CONTINENT CRAIG.


    Chyna.. awkard . because its hot lol

  12. RuleTheRadio23

    Chyna’s shirt is awesomely incredible!

  13. starlight1060

    You take bad things that happen to you so lightly…the theft of your sweatshirt, your cameras breaking, now your car being booted. I am going to try to be more like that. Life seems so much easier that way.

  14. Caroline Brenholdt

    What is wrong with that Catan board? 

  15. rethinkOURreality

    Catan came from Germany, right? That’s probably why Leo’s good at it.

  16. Alex Villalobos

    Burritos are American food

  17. Geardirector

    Brotherhood of Makuta?

  18. czaracastic

    Guys he was joking about Europe duh guys duh

  19. blueeyes4071

    Don’t pressure him!!!

  20. Noah S.

    Chyna is adorable.

  21. Zphor4jc

    What’s the game you are playing?

  22. sallyrhiannon

    oh for fucks sake!

  23. gozzyx1

    London is not a Country the Country it is in is Great Britain. Europe is a Continent so you got that wrong as well by Yahoo! Answers.