Thinkin Bout You (Acoustic/Beatbox Cover) — Tori Kelly & Angie Girl

GET MY EP «HANDMADE SONGS BY TORI KELLY» ~ ITUNES: AMAZON: Thank you so much for supporting me and my music! 🙂 ———————————— We’re back with another video! We had a lot of fun with this one. We were inspired by Bridget Kelly’s acoustic version & then we put our own spin on it. Hope you like it!! (Shot on an iPhone! We used the 8mm app to make the last part look all old school) Angie Girl: Tori Kelly: facebook Honors for this video: #8 Top Favorited Today #13 Most Liked Today #6 Most Discussed Today (Music) #2 Top Favorited (Music) #2 Most Liked (Music)

[youtube 3ANQl-Sbwpo]

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  1. senobe blathers:

    You guys sound amazing

  2. blemke24:

    So hot

  3. daiell09:

    YAY 12 million views!!

  4. Taylor Jones:

    Oh my Gawd. Please tell me this girl has a record deal.

  5. Stephanie Alvarado:


  6. Jake Affleck:

    Would love her to sing this to meee , beautiful girl beautiful voice and the beatboxing is minttttt #SIGNEMUP

  7. 4915152:

    Wishing i can download this…..beautiful voice!!!!

  8. perkinsantoine44:

    Nice work y’all coming from da n.o sweet

  9. keasha cush:

    great job

  10. mannapopcorn:

    Love the beat girl. Great job.

  11. gobble257:

    she’s finally getting the views she deserves!

  12. Shay Morgan:

    My favourite cover of this song hands down! Love it so much 🙂 did a cover of this song on my channel, so if you all checked it out i’d appreciate it so much! Thankyou 🙂

  13. mona bloomfield:

    S P E E C H L E S S ..the vocals were out of this world and greatttt beatboxing

  14. kiarathomas1145:

    This is wonderful job both were great 🙂

  15. jojobeth43:

    You guys should make more songs like that its amazing

  16. Brittany Hinderman:

    beyond speechless….u got so many views and comments i know uwont see this lol but I love it…showing you love from ST LOUIS MO…..

  17. paige4701pp:

    That’s amazing I abso love it I wish I could sing and beat box like that

  18. Alimarie15:

    Omg I’m speechless 😮