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[youtube Q1Q9Rc1WKfU]

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  1. Qwertyjones14:

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  2. ali asfand:

    @strawberrychewitgum, you can actually get a New iPad for Free, simply try to google for:

    My 18 years brother just received one this morning, couldn’t beleive my eyes!!!!

  3. 111Tyrant:

    i ment 8$

  4. 111Tyrant:

    i got a site ….. since i cant give you the site in comments for some reson just watch my video and it has the link
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  5. 111Tyrant:

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  6. Stephanie Efthymiou:

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  7. Sal Kul:

    ye, I think they are still offering iPad 2 For Free, simply google for:

  8. PinoYKiiD907:

    Where can I get a free iPad without filling out offers and all that shit

  9. Andrew Boghossian:

    is this site for real? Has someone recieved a ipad yet?

  10. ajbritishsystem:

    for those below who are looking for an iPad 2 for Free, simply google:

    Thanks for the support thou.

  11. watsonj13:


  12. Abelrodimi:

    @chronotechsss no, I got my iPad 2 for Free, simply google for:

    So I don’t give a shit about the quality of the iPad 2 sound quality 🙂

    great unboxing video btw!

  13. Domoniquejsa:

    you are like frikin amazing.

  14. Shannanskk:

    Awesome vid.

  15. Baneckerjhsak:

    make more vids like this.? i love it

  16. Seykoskipl:

    dude? wow wow wow!!!!

  17. Smtihjskadl:

    you make really good videos.

  18. Fretwelljasl:

    Amazing video.

  19. Kaminskyjsad:

    Amazing video.

  20. TamraLopez5464:

    I love your videos.

  21. FlorencioLievsay:

    do you practice a lot this? is great

  22. HiramMatakonis:

    holy crap that was some amazing editing

  23. NorrisMatuszak:

    please upload moar

  24. MoisesMeisenburg:

    all of your videos are sooo funny!!!!!!!! but make more videos!!!!