2012 Mac Mini Unboxing & Overview! (Ivy Bridge Mac Mini Unboxing)

2012 Mac Mini Unboxing & Overview! (Ivy Bridge Mac Mini Unboxing) Mac Mini Pricing & Configurations: amzn.to This is my unboxing of the new Mac Mini! Stay tuned for the review! iPad Mini Giveaway! www.youtube.com My Setup & Tech Gear! amzn.to Tech questions? Hit me up any of the places below! Twitter: www.twitter.com Facebook: www.facebook.com

[youtube dmOe7G4WH8A]

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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комментария 22

  1. tony08sincara:

    Were did u get ur bart

  2. tony08sincara:

    Were did u gey

  3. SignatureCha0s:

    I’m still using Windows 3.1.

  4. RavingReviews125:

    First of all, was going to say about how your argument is reasonable and how I agree on what you said about the optical drive, but because of the last note you made, I won’t. I for one have an SD card for my camera that I use to record with, so I need a card reader for that, same with many others. My phone uses a micro SD card, which I use a card reader for to quickly transfer files, same as many others. Optical drives are not a thing of the past, being more helpful and useful than digital.

  5. PreSayers:

    Optical drives are a thing of the past, you can buy a usb superdrive for $80. For 5 dollars you can buy a usb hub. Who uses card readers anymore? Also, the design of the ports on the back is simple and clean. There are good reasons. Your complaints are stupid and petty.

  6. RavingReviews125:

    Why does apple put all their ports at the back? I’m thinking of possibly getting the mac mini but come on, they could’ve at least put the headphone jack, memory card reader, and a USB port at the front. And why no optical drive this time?!?

  7. TyLikesTech:

    Default the mac Mini has 384MB Video ram with 4GB Of ram if you upgrade it for 80$ (or 300$ through apple) to 16GB 1600 Ram then it can reach 784MN Video ram , Which with adjusted setting can give decent to good gameplay and on games like minecraft get about 100-150 fps

  8. Minecraftman1243:

    think so but not to sure

  9. swoonu:

    Is it good for music production?

  10. TheTechy1:

    it did a few years ago

  11. TheTechy1:

    can you make a video for gaming on that? 

  12. armand velez:

    Didn’t the old mac mini have a disk drive? 🙁

  13. MrCrikey:

    mac stands for my awesome computer
    pc stands for poopy computer
    reply for witch one is better!
    (hint-hint i like mac)

  14. Popa Corneliu-Alexandru:

    Can’t decide… Should I get the i7 2.3ghz or the extra 100$ i7 2.6ghz? What is the big difference between the 2 CPUs? Is there any other difference beside the 0.3Ghz in the CPU speed? Thx

  15. gogogut:

    Do you think it is necessary to get apple care with the Mac mini? I have always gotten it with laptops, but would imagine that the mini would have fewer issues and threats.

  16. Dragondude2525:

    You can buy full video games from the App Store. I downloaded a COD game and it works just fine. Also it is just a regular computer.

  17. HELLO73209:

    you cant game on it lol

  18. ESTRADA185:

    how do you make alot of money to buy those things

  19. motabbir hussain:

    How do i get idvd ?

  20. jiddabug21:

    Is it not a regular computer?

  21. Martin Sørbø:

    is it possible to upgrade to a SSD yourself?

  22. TheGrig200:

    yeah dude, but you gotta get all the periferals