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[youtube klDVS1aBHWA]

iphone 6

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комментариев 17

  1. gracenote13:

    No tomorrow annotation :(

  2. muffincheesepie:

    Craig play half life 2!

  3. upload646:

    Your ankle might be hurting?! WELL WHICH IS IT CRAIG, WE HAVE TO KNOW, OH DEAR LORD WE MUST KNOW!!

  4. MrsRice1016:

    At around 3:40 I suddenly became hypnotized by the spinning dryer.

  5. TheSweetDream:


  6. MegaJoeification:


    Politics are annoying

  7. larapa123:

    because the english language is wierd and youre allowed to have silent m’s that sound like c’s

  8. asiarock779:

    my red haircolor is doing the same thing chynas is doing.. but i like it, i think its pretty.. ombre, without the extra $ 😉

  9. Darian Lorrain:

    Politiques….. 3rd party all the way

  10. dharma12209:


  11. livin learnin:

    Pigeon stalker! 

  12. TheElephantWorks:

    Don’t you love it anymore, when the coffee is done?

  13. Christopher M. Burkett:

    RUNNNN woow.

  14. nightbrad1:

    that was the best political discussion i have ever heard.

  15. Michael Mckay:

    politix. By far.

  16. ik04:

    Pillow Hair!

  17. sneakerspatches: