Mindcrack Podcast — Episode 16 — Guest BlameTheController

Be sure to check out the members of this Podcast: BTC: www.youtube.com Guude: youtube.com Beef: youtube.com Baj: youtube.com This Weeks Topics: •BlameTheController joins MindCrack after Team Nancy Drew ruines his Orphan Surprise •Fan server Halloween Bash •Halloween — what we are all doing for it, if anything? •GTA V Release Window Leaked: ◦ca.ign.com •iPad Mini •www.cultofmac.com (ozar.me •Windows 8 Released •Copyright Suit ◦nbcpolitics.nbcnews.com •Italian Scientists Convicted of Manslaughter for failing to predict earthquake ◦www.bbc.co.uk

[youtube WPceStkuTp4]

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комментариев 19

  1. Bradley Leininger:

    trunk or treating is a mormon thing! totally did that as a kid.

  2. Tripsohoy:

    Eepblah should join the server

  3. LeavesOfLettuce:

    *An ad…

  4. seadmaseadma:

    I get Full videos as a ad not ads.

  5. seadmaseadma:


  6. ZamoracHD:

    BTC got straight A’s and is currently earning money by playing minecraft for a living

  7. ulagudie:

    You are not better than anyone else, you cannot join the server based on opinions of yourself, by yourself.

  8. thomas Gibbons Harrigan:

    me to

  9. 123MrHurbert:

    I love how the guy below apologised. Its soooo sweet

  10. seadmaseadma:

    Guys sorry i’ve skiped all the ads in the posdcast since i only get 10+ minute ads

  11. Alex Thomas:

    I feel like the podcast is more serious when Pause is not there.

  12. Alex Thomas:

    good for you.

  13. lucasiskwl:

    Hey guude my birthday is on helloween so do helloween ok

  14. Eliteleader100:

    Well I just relized that its 5 in the morning and I have only gotten about a hour of sleep good thing I’ve been sick and resting for 2 days

  15. IAm0x64:

    It is about the birth of Christ to Christians. It is about other things to other people.

  16. IAm0x64:

    I’m confused as to what you’re even saying…

  17. siren1001:

    My 11 year old cousin hates minecraft…I don’t know what’s wrong with her…

  18. siren1001:

    Opinion on KatersGamers

  19. Deidara Gakow:

    i havent started lets plays yet but i will
    i am a girl
    and i play and am good at minecraft
    and im a big fan wotn make a difference to the server
    and i am not scared of the people ill handle the pressure