SCHWASTED ENOUGH TO DANCE! (12.17.10 — Day 596)

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[youtube 5N6IsmFRKh0]

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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комментариев 15

  1. roger saunders:

    that is the puss in boots look

  2. SuperSagaloo:

    What dslr is Wyatt using?

  3. ashiekins624:

    Charles in a tie? What? lol

  4. mbdersh:

    Drunk Alli is drunk.

  5. lhesherl:

    6:13 Gary Busey?

  6. RyeFilms2011:

    lol at 6:13 look at the guys face

  7. nicole4460:

    10:31 was my grad song cause everyone one knew it

  8. sooperPOOPERstar:

    my girlfriend said she would be bi for allie.

  9. Pringlez72:

    So Thats What White Ppl Do In Large Groups

  10. Evelyn Pinera:

    December 17th is my Birfday :D

  11. Thorn104:

    this was filmed on my birthday 🙂 the day that i turned 19 🙂 its to bad i was not watching at this point …

  12. DieMeidMetBruinHaar:

    @TheMSReviewer your 11? I’m 12! I was hoping for sooooo long for someone to ne a CTFxCer in my age groop! Please reply! Are you a guy or girl?

  13. Jules Wil:

    11:04 they look so alike with their eyes closed

  14. Jules Wil:

    baby kangaroo

  15. MrsMogsey: