Never Mind the Buzzcocks S23E07 + ENG & RUS SUBS

Guest host: Mark Watson Phill’s team: Donal MacIntyre and Daniel Merriweather Noel’s team: Shingai Shoniwa and Tim Minchin (c) BBC TWO

[youtube 8jYtfoRib-w]

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комментариев 13

  1. tubeyhamster:

    Seems that number one is usually the right one in the line-ups.

  2. Phrenetic Reaper:

    He was in one episode of season 22, it was delayed because of the Andrew Sachs thing.


  3. Cakesocks:

    Has Brand even been on this show?

  4. versatildoom:

    Aw poor Tim, Noel didn’t give him a high-five

  5. Bas Spindler:

    It would be like a mascara-themed super group. «The greatest boy-band musical comedy has ever witnessed»

  6. MusketeerFriday:

    I love the Jamelia joke!

  7. 114Freesoul:

    Buzzcocks vs. QI FTW!

  8. kidshady45:


  9. ReoTheCreator:

    I’d like to see Minchin, Brand and Noel vs Alan Davies, Phil and Bill Bailey.

  10. graffitijunkie93:

    tim is really cute…

  11. AbbeyCaceey:

    Someone needs to put Noel, Tim and Russell Brand on the same team. Omfg. Yes >_<

  12. DemiandSelenafanone:

    AGHHHHHHHHHH! Tim Minchin and Noel Fielding on the same team?!!!!!!!!!!! OHMIGOD! XD Yay!!!

  13. Tom Fell:

    ok sweet! 😀 love this show!