Political Voodoo iPhone 5 & Universal App: Obama Vs Romney Presidential Smack down 2012

Political Voodoo is a new iPhone and iPad App coming out in the Apple App store. Yes, it will work on those shiny new iPhone 5’s and the iPod touch too. More fun than a Presidential Debate. With the Presidential election 2012 coming up it seemed like it would be a fun app to make and play. We hope you enjoy the video and enjoy the app. We enjoyed making the game. We are barely political and It is non partisan App. Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Joe Biden & Paul Ryan are all there. You can poke them for good luck or in good fun. They respond with speech from sound bytes. Will Obama Rap? You will have to download the app and see. I can say this about Obama’s singing, He’s no 50 cent or Kanye West. Will there be another Obama acceptance speech or is game over? Ask the Voodoo Doll, not the polls. The App is funny but all in good sport. We hope You like this funny video.

[youtube p7rzLHWkMHw]

ipod 5

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комментариев 15

  1. actressnews:

    great nice

  2. David Richardson:

    wow, lol this app is ridiculously funny

  3. Kami Karanoka:

    i’m feeling the new app

  4. Kathryn Rhoden:

    okay so one of the related videos «republican doodoo» great title

  5. Jerry Sanduslay:

    the random voice at @2:01 lol??

  6. Julie Hutchinson:

    sayonara mr. obama

  7. Larry Judge:

    i’m just looking forward to hearing romney’s acceptance speech

  8. Jeffrey Bingham:

    oh, bush and his speeches..they made comical history 

  9. carlnlongenecker1019:

    this just might be better than all those other political apps

  10. alfredbrosado1222:

    barack obama has already changed washington he’s changed everything, and is still changing things…we dont need anyone else

  11. Edna Gregory:

    i wasn’t aware that there were 57 states obama

  12. jongrande3:

    romney is hunter that means he will promote the harming of animals

  13. Ilene Godwin:

    «America, is an idea» - that kinda makes you think

  14. Todd Lewis:

    there definitely will be another barack acceptance speech

  15. Leonard Hollon:

    oh, i would love to hear obama rap, that will definitely make it on video viral chart