Pelican Vault Series iPhone 5 & Galaxy S3 Cases & New Backpacks Linus Tech Tips CES 2013

Pelican is well known for their practically indestructible cases, but they’re expanding into some different markets. We checked out some phone cases, and iPad case, and even a new backpack. Day 4 — video 4

[youtube Z7-W2Dnz4dM]

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комментариев 14

  1. ZC0W:

    yes that is a time in life where you are just as proud as possible to be there child.

  2. nolla7:

    lol Woody Harrelson had a bad day.

  3. André Neves:

    îm just wondering how much crash prove it is.. i mean it can be pretty hard but the G forces can still destroy your devices am i right?

  4. elseman96:

    Still doesn’t beat the Griffin Survivor

  5. Clectaski:

    Oh there’s more..

  6. 7devinsalb:

    I liked the backpack until I saw that it was three hundred dollars.

  7. ryandonian:

    don’t you love it when your parents know exactly what they’re doing and upgrade from 20Mbps internet to 1Mbps internet?
    I am literally getting .92Mbps down.
    I can’t load a 360p video in real time.

  8. itchyfingers89:

    does the case cover the screen

  9. DaBurntToaster:

    >spends $600 of iphone
    >jailbreaks so he can get 99 cent games for free

  10. waseem1173:

    really i didn’t noticed.

  11. MrDucktape64:

    Nope, that means new phone:D

  12. awesomemint:

    LOL nice

  13. Trey Ditto:

    lifeproof…nearly same thing

  14. b6lph6gor6:

    Thanks, mate! 😀