7 Billion: Are You Typical? — National Geographic Magazine

Learn more about population: ngm.nationalgeographic.com To coincide with the arrival of the world’s 7 billionth person on October 31, 2011, National Geographic magazine’s 2011 year-long series on world population is available on the App Store as a free app for iPad starting 10/27/11. The interactive app explores the challenges—and potential solutions—for coping with a growing human population in a world of limited resources with informative videos, interactive maps, in-depth articles, and stunning photography. The series ends with a look at City Solutions in the December 2011 issue, which will be incorporated into the app in December. Download the free app here: on.natgeo.com Check out the first video from the series, «7 Billion—National Geographic Magazine,» here: www.youtube.com Video by National Geographic Digital Studio Music by Chris Beaty, www.sonicbloom.tv Editor’s Note A graphic in this video has been updated from a previous version.

[youtube 4B2xOvKFFz4]

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  6. thespaz4ever:

    I’m American and this made me feel like a dick.

  7. Poopy Diaper:

    I know this is all based on statistics and everything, but I really don’t think the world’s most typical person would be Han Chinese. It would have to be someone that watches television forever. He could be Han Chinese, but I highly doubt he would be.

  8. Ct K:

    This video is unnecessarily fancy.

  9. HLJokerRP:

    Things aren’t always what they seem to be. I genuinely didn’t understand the purpose of it, is all.

  10. RichardPretzitti:

    very wacked video

  11. CzechAmerican1:


  12. ThatChristianGuyAU:

    What’s the point of this video?

  13. xuimod:

    Sorry just seemed kind of a dumb question. Apologies.

  14. HLJokerRP:

    I don’t think «stupid» was necessary. Thanks anyways…

  15. xuimod:

    Are you really that stupid? The point of this video is to inform. To make people more aware of the world around them.

  16. hans de groot:

    but but where the hell is peanut from

  17. metalheadk93:

    He looks like Jeremy Lin

  18. 100ammarrizvi:

    the song is nice.

  19. 100ammarrizvi:

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  20. TycerX:

    Whats the music :3

  21. ay0bee0eye:

    Hangeng is a 28 year old, Han Chinese male. Awesome.

  22. 2t22tornadosiren:

    the typical man in peru is only 5’4″? I GOTTA MOVE TO PERU, IF I’M A SHORTY HERE I’LL FIT IN THERE!

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