TWO IS ALWAYS BETTER! (12.9.10 — Day 588)

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[youtube TdcW5vqxmos]

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комментария 23

  1. Emilee Bergman:

    Ahhh I totally fell for the Deja Vu trick what the heck Charles!!

  2. Gwynnie Hoffman:

    that always happens to me with dasavoe ( didnt spell that right at all)

  3. LSFxC:

    happy birthday zoe

  4. maddmaxx636:

    I thought i was watching the day before bc my laptop died and i had to load up the video after i charged it up!!!! YOU HURT MY BRAIN!!!!

  5. roger saunders:

    hay this already happen

  6. ruobrah1:

    Yep, tricked me. I was skipping through the video to check whether i’d clicked on the right one.

  7. SuperSagaloo:

    An I say the exact same thing haha

  8. SuperSagaloo:

    I always think that when I have de ja vu

  9. nia benjamin:

    really nothig stupid

  10. Hailey Colbert:

    «we have a new couch guys ! :D»

  11. Hailey Colbert:

    I thought I was going insane there for a second, or that charles had a major editing fail

  12. XboxPs3Gamecentral:

    am i the only one who laighed wen charles was gwunna give zoey a cookie and than marley comes n he is like awww where the hell did she come from lol

  13. hambacon13:

    I laughed so hard when charles was talking while putting all the shirts inside the car!!

  14. TheOtherGuy1223:

    I know this video is over 2 years old but I like to inform the people
    this is what I have been told and what I understand so I apologize if it is not 100% accurate

  15. TheOtherGuy1223:

    «Deja Vu» is a french for «I’ve seen this before» What happens is the information that you see,hear, ect.. goes to multiple parts of the brain at once. sometimes when things like emotions conflict, or your body dubs it important, the information will go to one area of the brain before another (milliseconds) and it will feel as if you have been/seen/felt it before

  16. ema atwell:

    yes…i am that person that freezes and freaks out when i experience a deja vu IS scary and weird but at the same time fascinating isn’t it

  17. ithinkcanadaissexy:

    Eskimos or Inuit people are a culture… Not all Canadians are Inuit… Ya dink!

  18. makeupxloveo:

    1-2-3 flick.

  19. Sandra Agbakoba:

    I fell for that, I totally thought i was re watching the last vlog when charles sang happy birthday to zoey. Grrrr!

  20. marinas182:

    I feel like the phone call was like white noise and spirit was trying to get through. Lol, I’m for real though.

  21. laurenboren94:

    We all know zoeys not mean! Shes just tierd of marley steping all over her! Literaly!!!

  22. Sabrina Torres:

    That call freaked the crap out of me……

  23. 2201texas:

    Get well soon Charles Trippy!! :):)