Stuck Up Chocolate Connoisseur

Barefoot Running Video Platoon of Power Squadron Chicago screening! They’re showing Episodes 4, 5, and 6 despite what it says. Join Team Beard for the SuperNote by leaving a video response to this video Other Channels: MAIN GAMING iPHONE Instagram Google+ Facebook Twitter Wheezy App Website Store http Shoes

[youtube hgKEM1ZQXRA]

iphone 6

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  1. songsoflove4evr:

    no because a lot of drug users A: reuse their needles and B: share them with others who may already have aids or get them infected because you have it yourself

  2. nonnahs918:

    I hate those crazy shoes!

  3. OwenBruch22:

    Omg I remember listening to that on NPR, that was a long time ago.

  4. Infernibuzz:

    Please donate money to the production of episode 7 of PoPs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The indiegogo campaign will end IN 27 HOURS and as I’m writing this they only have $8,348 out of $20,000!!!!!

  5. Jamie Davis:

    That brand of chocolate has bars with bacon and bars with olives

  6. thelovelylydz:

    I have a friend who runs barefoot. You can’t run too fast though, because that is really brutal on your skin.

  7. rohwrestling64:

    I love your beard Craig but would you consider shaving the hair on your bottom lip just abov your chin?

  8. Rebecca Daley:

    i did want to actually

  9. Laura Norda:

    true, I kicked a hidden rock once so I know how that hurts :[
    I didn’t know where chicago is tbh, i just had to google it (my american geography knowledge is poor) I didn’t know the lake had beaches…I like the look of it though 🙂

  10. Thomas Taylor:

    Barefoot on a beach is probably more dangerous than on the sidewalk since you cant see whats under the sand. Also there are quite a few beaches in the Chicago area on the Lake Michigan coast. 🙂

  11. odinfin10:

    I feel like you run out of cereal ALL THE TIME

  12. gatheringprose:

    Get the Bacon Chocolate from Vosges. Super tasty,

  13. A Dodson:

    I dunno, my mom saw a podiatrist that told her she should always wear shoes, even at home if it’s possible. Apparently if you go barefooted too often, you might start to walk/run flat-footed which (supposedly) isn’t good— good shoes provide necessary arch support to keep that from happening.

    Maybe he was speaking to her specifically though, or maybe he’s one of ‘those’ people.

  14. TheBartman47:

    Runnin barefoot is much easier on your joints because it forces you to land properly on your foot. Wearing shoes causes you to «heel strike» which is damaging to your knee joints and spine. But a strong word of BE CAREFUL… start out barefoot running only short distances until you build up thick skin on your feet and get used to the necessary change in your running gait. It can take well over a year to get developed enough for «all-terrain» use and you will be using different muscles.

  15. crimsoncandycake:

    there are a lot of articles about it but my physics teacher was saying in evolutionary terms experts believe it’s more «natural»… I don’t know it’s weird you can do your own research and decide for yourself 🙂