BUY NOW ON ITUNES A themed video emphasising the state of the music industry in the UK. ASK YOURSELF, are you a fan of MANUFACTURED OR REAL MUSIC???? AMAZON — Twitter -@aquablakk Edited by @veeartmedia

[youtube uSIjMu4otzI]

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  1. jasmiebcb:

    Does this work for ipad 4?

  2. John Wallet:

    Great review. I am getting one for the new iPad with retina. I don’t want a bulky case, so this is perfect.

  3. lowlight71:

    since he demonstrated that the SofShell retains surface tension beyond 90 degrees, I imagine that it would withstand moderate wind drag. I love this tacky material. I also like the moderate shock resistance. It really takes care of two things at once, and that’s elegant. So many great uses and, like the toughbook, is a must have if you’re mobile. Fine demo.

  4. ipadcasereview:

    Interesting test.. Would have been a lot more convincing if the contact surface was not ‘sheltered’ from direct wind. Seems like a great piece of product anyway.

  5. benedettoczrpbiu72O:

    Promotion! Cost 0, but powerful function iphone4.-iphone4 YtYi

  6. WetPencil90:

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  7. WetPencil90:

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  9. Jdog147:

    Nice way to ruin it with one dislike whoever did that.

  10. Lynn9Moody1970: —I signed up to become an ipad tablet tester there and just been sent it in the mail today at zero cost!!!

  11. Lynn9Moody1970: —I signed up to be an ipad tester there and just delivered it in the mail today totally free!!!

  12. Lynn9Moody1970: —I signed up to become an apple ipad tester there and just received it in the mail today at no charge!!!

  13. Lynn9Moody1970: —I signed up to become an apple ipad tester there and just received it in the mail today without charge!!!

  14. skillsc0der:

    Get a free iPad 2 ! For a limited time only at bit.lyuVJk2t

  15. WhiteBreadLife:

    Of course it doesn’t fall off. It’s blocked from the wind. Try putting it on top of a Honda Accord or a Toyota Camry and it would be gone before you hit 20 MPH. Apple consumers are smarter than this. I’m sure it’s a great product but this advertising stunt takes the attention away from the product. Fail!

  16. SofShell:

    It’s really fun for me to watch this video… Because I own and use a SofShell every day, I know that it performs just like «The Computer Plumber» says it does 😉 It is the BEST cover I have ever owned for my iPad2 with Smart Cover.