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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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23 комментария

  1. minecraft2188

    The first song is shit

  2. floodindahood

    14:02-14:21 best part of the song, just so good and so perfect, pure eargasm even if just for those 20 seconds

  3. floodindahood

    Everything will come in due time and if there is something he won’t have to worry about is that he will get popular eventually. With all that skill just a matter of time 🙂

  4. Christopher Calabrese

    Savant is the best artist there is!He should have more credit than he has at the moment!

  5. Dig3DaL

    Check my tunes out after your done letting Savant kill it!

  6. jeggolo

    open minded people embrace him and the weekly free music, though critics tend to critique the quantity and the fast rate of releases.

  7. jeggolo

    Aleksander Vinter is a prodigious savant with aspergers syndrome and a fracture of ADD. He thinks out songs in seconds and produces them within few hours. To this date Aleksander has composed/produced over 10,000 songs in various genres. Most notably metal, orchestral/classical, hip-hop and electronic music. Aleksander also draws inspiration from early game music such as NES, Sega, commadore64, amiga, atari and SNES. Being such a unique producer;

  8. BlakjeKaas


  9. raafmaat

    where can we find more info or even a documentary about savant himself? i`l love to check it out, but i cant really find anything except random people either saying he is autistic or has aspergers syndrome (its not called assburgers like you said, thats southpark talk) i like his music, but i need more info! 😛

  10. ToxicTangerine9

    You had to comment, really?

  11. Nick Wolfe

    You don’t know his FULL situation, maybe he has other financial commitments, due to family or friends, you never know.

  12. Dig3DaL

    Favorite Artist.. i will jam with this guy one day. MARK MY WORDS!

  13. Ariel Ibran Sjarifudin

    black op black op black op

  14. Robertocheese

    wow. where did you get all this info?

  15. TheScoutingSniper

    your comment. Really?

  16. Johanpohan13

    Did you count them Really?

  17. Hal Saunders

    That’s part of the reason I love Burger Time…Can you imagine what that all must have been like? I have a friend with Asbergers, but it’s very mild in him.

  18. Hal Saunders

    You’re an idiot…

  19. feileishiqi

    Norways welfare programme is quite good, so regarding him getting food, it’s not even the slightest problem. (I live in Denmark, the neighbour-country to norway)

  20. astromanization

    Yeah, I think twelve were necessary

  21. Okiijiida

    This shit, is dope.

  22. Okiijiida

    I recently posted this link on reddit. Hopefully they will do justice.

  23. Kyle Gallagher

    that part about him not sure if he’ll eat is pretty extreme. nevertheless supporting an artist is the way to go. by Yahoo! Answers.