Savant — Vario (Album)

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[youtube 92NRHqZ1fKM]

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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комментария 23

  1. minecraft2188:

    The first song is shit

  2. floodindahood:

    14:02-14:21 best part of the song, just so good and so perfect, pure eargasm even if just for those 20 seconds

  3. floodindahood:

    Everything will come in due time and if there is something he won’t have to worry about is that he will get popular eventually. With all that skill just a matter of time 🙂

  4. Christopher Calabrese:

    Savant is the best artist there is!He should have more credit than he has at the moment!

  5. Dig3DaL:

    Check my tunes out after your done letting Savant kill it!

  6. jeggolo:

    open minded people embrace him and the weekly free music, though critics tend to critique the quantity and the fast rate of releases.

  7. jeggolo:

    Aleksander Vinter is a prodigious savant with aspergers syndrome and a fracture of ADD. He thinks out songs in seconds and produces them within few hours. To this date Aleksander has composed/produced over 10,000 songs in various genres. Most notably metal, orchestral/classical, hip-hop and electronic music. Aleksander also draws inspiration from early game music such as NES, Sega, commadore64, amiga, atari and SNES. Being such a unique producer;

  8. BlakjeKaas:


  9. raafmaat:

    where can we find more info or even a documentary about savant himself? i`l love to check it out, but i cant really find anything except random people either saying he is autistic or has aspergers syndrome (its not called assburgers like you said, thats southpark talk) i like his music, but i need more info! 😛

  10. ToxicTangerine9:

    You had to comment, really?

  11. Nick Wolfe:

    You don’t know his FULL situation, maybe he has other financial commitments, due to family or friends, you never know.

  12. Dig3DaL:

    Favorite Artist.. i will jam with this guy one day. MARK MY WORDS!

  13. Ariel Ibran Sjarifudin:

    black op black op black op

  14. Robertocheese:

    wow. where did you get all this info?

  15. TheScoutingSniper:

    your comment. Really?

  16. Johanpohan13:

    Did you count them Really?

  17. Hal Saunders:

    That’s part of the reason I love Burger Time…Can you imagine what that all must have been like? I have a friend with Asbergers, but it’s very mild in him.

  18. Hal Saunders:

    You’re an idiot…

  19. feileishiqi:

    Norways welfare programme is quite good, so regarding him getting food, it’s not even the slightest problem. (I live in Denmark, the neighbour-country to norway)

  20. astromanization:

    Yeah, I think twelve were necessary

  21. Okiijiida:

    This shit, is dope.

  22. Okiijiida:

    I recently posted this link on reddit. Hopefully they will do justice.

  23. Kyle Gallagher:

    that part about him not sure if he’ll eat is pretty extreme. nevertheless supporting an artist is the way to go.