RUNNING LIKE A GIRL (12.13.10 — Day 592)

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[youtube vTjI_ELgAiM]

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  1. Russell Neustadt:

    Calzones are delicious! The classic will always be the best. Just some mozzarella cheese =)

  2. Megan Hazelwood:

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  3. Nikki Lewis:


  4. malvanra99:

    8:06 DREAM ON!

  5. 蓮 近藤:


  6. lalablondie514:

    OMG! I LOVED those little popper things that you got from the vending machine!!!!! Ah, memories… 🙂

  7. bkphipps4:


  8. barbaric37:

    fuck yesss STICKY HANDS ARE AWESOME!!!!!

  9. maddmaxx636:

    translate to F bc C means nothing to us lol JK

  10. Holytolito0197:

    You are supposed to squeeze the sides so that the lid pops up

  11. faith peters:

    E. PC speaker

  12. daddysgirltomboy910:


  13. daddysgirltomboy910:

    E. PC speaker

  14. bballsugadunks:

    5:15 was super cute

  15. roseySUNSHINE:

    This makes me wish it was cold already, it’s 100 degrees 🙁