Holidays 2012 — Pick Your Prize Giveaway!

A 2012 Holiday «Pick Your Prize» giveaway! Winner will be announced December 24th! RULES FOR ENTRY: 1. Subscribe to me: «Like» me on Facebook: «Follow» me on Twitter: 2. Click the «Like Button» on this video 3. Comment below. **For an extra entry comment on TechRefreshed’s video! PRIZES | PICK ONE PLEASE: -iPod Touch 5G -xbox 360 -PS3 Slim -WiiU -iPad Mini -Nexus 7 -Nintendo 3DS -PS Vita

[youtube 1yISr9fT9es]

ipad mini

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комментариев 16

  1. adam szczechowicz:

    Ps vita

  2. adam szczechowicz:

    I subscribed to both of your channels

  3. Jakob Garabet:

    i have done all i hope i win

  4. Sidefectz:

    Can you tell what font do you use in word Giveaway?

  5. mattjb2003:

    Matt20012 I would love a Wii u

  6. mattjb2003:

    I would love as vita

  7. Mark James Caramillo:


  8. Giani Anderson:

    iPod touch my bday is tommorow

  9. Bmoneyinc1:

    Xbox 360

  10. John Backs:

    PSVita :D

  11. George Engbers:


  12. Corey Butterman:

    ipad mini black

  13. akjcrafts:

    Hello, aww how cute is the xbox, never even seen one.. wow back in the past, remember the old white xboxes XD

  14. Sumros Giri:

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  15. Sumros Giri:

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  16. iphonehelp42:

    ipod 5g