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[youtube 5lWeCLJxEXI]

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  1. twinkyhoho:

    i dont remmebr what deeper meaning it had?? but it was something xD

  2. twinkyhoho:

    I had this idea really late at night about a girl and a guy falling in love with each other but hey where literally separated. Both of them on different sides of this broken platform, going to nothingness, and the only way they could talk to each other was by paper airplanes.

  3. Brittney M:

    When I was 10 i wrote down my idea for a song about a frog and a cake that loved eachother

  4. xphantombowtie:

    He has the same iPhone cover as I do.

  5. vivothehippo:

    last night i was thinking about how i should be a punk and how to look like one the next day. i was thinking about black boots, fishnets, studs, teased hair, eyeliner etc… haha xD x

  6. PublicityPixie:

    Because when your bedroom is basically a set, there’s a lot to be said for making it look interesting!

  7. Winterx3:

    i now wish i never deleted mine

  8. bobisasmartkate:

    Why do all Youtubers have really cool bedrooms?

  9. Haidan Castellan:

    that’s why i keep a pen and a notebook with me when i never know what kind of ideas you’ll get,haha

  10. jessiepink666:

    omg i do that all the time

  11. Broni Ruttan:

    I was half asleep and i started thinking about how I loved pizza, and then thought about a happy couple who adopted a pizza and raised it as their own. I wrote a short story in my head about it. I’m pretty sure the pizza grew up to be a lawyer.

  12. Naomi Coles:

    I always write my best compositions at 2 in the morning. then I still forget it since I can’t play any instrument and trying to learn is just depressing.
    what I am doing with my life!!

  13. graceiznotexplosive:

    I come up with the worst songs and poems ever at like three in the morning. seriusy i am glad that i deleted them off my phone but i have had some of my faverout ideas for videos whilst lying in bed dying because im nocternal

  14. Hiba Rogui:

    I am seriously in love with your accent.

  15. powherpuffable:

    he he he! you are so peppy! I LOVE it!! 😀

  16. Gab Casarim:


  17. Chelsea Rose:

    I tend to write really crappy song lyrics before I go to sleep, then wake up like «oh hey, didn’t I work on a song last night?» Then I read it… always bad… always…