BREAKING THE BED!! (12.29.10 — Day 608)

inappropriate toy is inappropriate bonus video: MY FACEBOOK: for the photos and to know when we do live shows! Check out the other shirts and awesome hoodies we have on sale here too: FOLLOW US SO YOU KNOW WHEN/IF WE CAN DO A CTFxC GATHERING! Charles’ twitter: Alli’s twitter: Free CTFxC iphone/ipod/ipad app: **outro music and theme by:**

[youtube EwRGCNwAo24]

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  1. Jabbour1991:

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  2. SomethinDwnUrPantss:

    This is Wendy: the-saaan-clopedia.tumblr[.]com/Jeana

  3. Alisha Amado:

    that same thing happened to me the stupid plane was delayed lost the connecting flight got a food thingy even tho couldn’t use it then had to wake up at 4 in the morning got the flight

  4. khush7878:

    Jeana’s nAme isn’t jeana or Wendy lol

  5. olivialynn12:

    Charles who the hell is Wendy????:)

  6. Billy Plemenos:

    jeana is not her real name.her real name i dont want to say it because she wants it secret

  7. DavorNL:

    her real name is jennifer

  8. dzjxdzjx:

    Nope, her real name is Jennifer Smith, she just goes by Jeana when the camera is on she doesnt want people knowing her real name, look up Jennifer Smith pvp

  9. marie:

    Her real name is jennifer smith back then she did not want people to know her name

  10. Holytolito0197:

    No it’s jeana @Emily Shawn

  11. Emily Shawn:

    It’s Jennifer

  12. TheVikings2823:

    If you wanna know her name just find the video where she gets her new ID she shows it in the video.

  13. jerzman eskola:

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  14. SuperSagaloo:

    Yeah I think her name is Jennifer smith because on that website it shows pics of her with her name showing

  15. Kaedemoon267:

    Yeah I don’t know. Someone told me to google «Jeana pvp last name smith» and look at the first link. It’s a blog full of Jeana name slip evidence lol. Someone really went the extra mile on that…but it proves her name is jennifer smith.