SHE BEATS ME! (12.15.10 — Day 594)

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[youtube YgbRdqDkxCs]

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комментария 23

  1. Harry Kelly:

    germs go away

  2. iBelieve0212:

    It gets to -40 where I live.

  3. Carol Sabino:


  4. KevinVanDyke:

    Best decision Charles ever made: calling people Turkeys. So hilarious. Makes me lmao everytime

  5. MartellaNutella:

    CTFxC Marathon :)

  6. Sean Long:

    and i thought i was the only person capable of lining my car perfectly to grind up the grounding wire of an electric line.. oh well

  7. TheNnnnnnnnnnkkkkkkk:

    peanut butter goes with EVERYTHING.

  8. PinkPiggy900:

    i did that turkey thing to my brother and he was like what? XD

  9. Jason Robertson:

    actually you look like both because the Freddy Vs. Jason Character was inspired by Jay.

  10. Jason Robertson:

    Alli you don’t look like Jay from Jay and Silent Bob! It’s more like the Character Free Bird from Freddy Vs. Jason!!!

  11. Ingrid Drake:

    Hi there! I have a tip och how to trim a dogs nails without all the anxiety for the dog. I think Ceasar Milan does this, and also Victoria from «It’s me or the dog.» (and kikopup here on youtube). The trick is to make the dog like it, by making it assosiate(:E) it with positive things, like playing, dogtreats etc. I’m sure you can find a good video teaching this on youtube.

  12. diamonds1997:

    I finish High School (I live in the UK) next year so I have decided to start vlogging then.

  13. Sabrina Torres:

    Lov u guy sooo much!!!!!! But you should seriously do that, bye!! CTFxC FTW!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Sabrina Torres:

    @CTFxC Hey just a tip for cutting zoey and marleys nails, never say their names or baby talk them when they are nervous or scared because sayin their name and baby talking them always refers to a good thing for them, so your basiclly nuturing that state of mind that they are in and also, dont pet them when they are like that. You should watch the dog whisperer show to learn about more things you can do to help them with their bad habbits and disobedience.

  15. 2201texas:

    Get well soon Charles Trippy!! :):)

  16. MsTessh:

    You want to call people Turkeys because Homer Simpson does it! :-p

  17. Steven Hernandez:

    Snoochie Boochies!!!

  18. KateyZee:

    400 videos to go!!!

  19. Mckenzie Proctor:

    2012 is all travels around the world so it is even better!!!

  20. MATTierial:

    Hey Charles… 2011 was pretty awesome! You got married!! 😀

  21. Thomas Pruitt:

    My dad used to play football with one of » The Allmand joys» keyboardist and my dad said he met your dad Charles. I dont know if he knows what he’s talking about but if he does….Thats pretty damn cool.

  22. agenda88s8:

    i dont trim my dogs nails

  23. FVEliteDT:

    Fag on meth!