How to Make SLIME!!! (Science Experiment)

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[youtube 93PgkE-SRRY]

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  1. whatthehomework:


  2. michelle fang:

    I made it and it sucks

  3. nancy tran:

    Wat did you do to the last pne to make it better again?

  4. Ilovestickstuff:

    Lol cat about 3 dollar

  5. anapalalaie:

    Is Borax cheap? How much does it cost??

  6. Katey Lent:

    That was cool but a little nasty

  7. LaneVid:

    walmart in the laundry detergent aisle

  8. LaneVid:

    Glad you liked that!

  9. LaneVid:

    Zelda’s always putting her nose in our business!

  10. LaneVid:

    Always getting in the way!

  11. LaneVid:

    You’re welcome. Not sure how correct they are.

  12. MrATIsnz:

    Wow, russian subtitles. I’m Russian, thank you!

  13. VitkovWTF:


  14. runawayitsme001:

    to make a homemade crystallized Christmas decoration
    take 2 large spoons of borax
    pour it into a jar of water,make a star shape with a pipe cleaner
    tie a Popsicle stick to the top of it to keep it from falling to the bottom of the water
    set it in the jar without it touching the sides on the inside
    check it every 30 minutes for about four hours
    then take it out and let it dry and tie a string on it.
    it should be now crystallized
    it should look some what like a snowflake,or a crystal star

  15. LetsTalkGirl1:

    The cat lol

  16. agataleonarska:

    thumbs up for da cat! 😀

  17. ShereeVloggs99:

    If theres borax,can we put it in our nose?

  18. JJLovesRiver:

    Lol 😛 The beginning Dude booger in yo nose O_O

  19. TheMDMx3:

    USE mix Tide detergent with Glue and add food coloring if u want

  20. Juliana Tatiana Leyva:

    Its not even slime

  21. Shreya Sharma:

    love that dirty stuff! <3