MATT GREINER INTERVIEW — Drums ‘N’ Jesus — Clark Danger — 2012 — August Burns Red

PICK UP THE COMPLETE FITNESS PROGRAM HERE: Twitter Facebook: Fitness: LIfe: Watching my heros turn human in front of me. SO crazy. Here’s our interview from the Mars Hill College conference! What a chill dude with SUCH amazing passions for Drums ‘N’ Jesus. (0:27) — Most Embarrassing artist on iPod? (0:56) — Most Underrated band? (1:50) — Favorite song to play live? (3:33) — What inspired you to become a drummer? (4:40) — Importance of music theory? (4:45) — What do you practice? (7:17) — What’s your song writing process like? (8:25) — Advice for young drummers? (10:15) — Brick by Brick Ministry? (12:20) — Consistent Christian Living? (16:20) — Unique Platform? Would love for you to be a part of my second channel. You can see whole videos here: Thanks for supporting me throughout this year guys! Feel free to leave a comment letting me know what / who you’d like to see on our channel in the near future! Hands down, the coolest thing is hearing from YOU guys. I’ve made it a weekly thing to try and be on Skype Friday night, so add me up and we’ll get it going! Feel free to contact me if you ever need someone to talk to. I’m there for you guys! Huge thanks to: MEElectronics: (Get 20% off ANY / ALL MEElectronics products with use of promo code: «CLARK_DANGER») Positive Side Clothing: (Get 20% off ANY / ALL Positive Side Clothing items with

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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комментариев 13

  1. Mirozenx:

    Omgg, how did you meet Matt ;o you’re lucky bro!

  2. mach7sr:

    whats the name of the very last song at minute 19:05!? please! i need it to live!

  3. iHityouwithmystix:

    WOO! God Bless!

  4. Peter Mcleod:

    I met him after a show he is a fucking legend

  5. LegendaryPoogie:

    The reason I look up to a guy like Matt! If only I could take lessons from the guy .. God Bless bro! Keep doing what you’re doing ..maybe one day my band and yours will tour side by side !!

  6. Moe Luthra:

    yo this dude is tryna suck matt griener’s dick, full force

  7. YoungDilly504LPST:

    this guy is so humble! I love ABR!

  8. Cole444Train:

    who cares what he is wearing. do you hear what he is saying? it is profound. worrying about how people dress is such a waste of energy.

  9. 350zWolf24:

    Matt Greiner and I both live in the same town! Lancaster PA! I should invite him to the Shady Maple sometime when my family goes!!!

  10. ShanTheMusicalMan:

    He did say in another interview that if it wasn’t for ABR he would probably be a teacher hahaha!

  11. ShanTheMusicalMan:

    When I seen this interview I thought Mr Danger was a giant, but then I met Matt after their show and he is a little dude, regardless of size he still seems like a giant god to me!

  12. Jack Ludwick:

    Because he looks fucking badass.

  13. Stephen Simon:

    The interviewer looks like superman…