How To Install GBA Emulator on iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad 5.1.1 — FREE GpsPhone & Get Roms!

Completely Free & Easy GBA Emulator for Any iPhone 4S, 4, 3Gs, 3G & 2G, iPod Touch & iPad! For 5.1.1, 5.1, 5.0.1, 5.0 & Anything Below! gpSphone is Free & Easy on Any Firmware & Device! Also get Roms & Any Game! No Computer Required! Will work on 3.1.3, 4.2.1 & any iOS 5 Firmware! Full Guide HERE!: NEW Jailbreak iOS 6 HERE!: Like me on Facebook Here!: 5.1.1 Jailbreak Tutorial Here!: Factory Unlock 5.1.1 Here!: I will be releasing a video for ALL of the Emulators on iOS 5 this coming Week. Stay Tuned people, I’m glad to be back! If your ROM Does not show up when you download it you will need to download a package from xsellize called «GBA Rom Pack». It will have all of the GBA roms in there, its big but at least it works!

[youtube L5vi7iH5HTE]

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комментариев 18

  1. uninvitedpwner:

    all it does is crash whenever i open a rom

  2. TheFast900:

    I downloaded Pokemon emarald but I had GPSPhone before without it, and when I click Pokemon emerald.gba and click on any of the options it exits out! help! I have iPhone 3G with iOS 3.1.3 running Whited00r 6; it isn’t working please help!

  3. MrTisBob97sfriend:

    Hey, I downloaded the gba rom pack from xsellize but there were only like 12 games on it none of which what i was looking for lol, i just want to play fire emblem lol

  4. pccarri1:

    I can’t find cydia

  5. Chazb5046:

    Does this work on iOS6

  6. sabaideeSav:

    Just go to options when you’re in gpsphone and select skin 2 and add scaling.

  7. Terceiro Ano:

    hello, i tried to download the gpsphone on cydia but it says «product delisted» so it is no longer available anymore, what can i do?

  8. SteableVD:

    I tought the exact same thing hahaa

  9. TheLaziieboii:

    when i tap a rom gpsphone just exits…HELP ME!

  10. IraqiLambo:

    there’s not gpsphone bios…

  11. spritejp:

    MINE ALSO…. help us 🙁

  12. BALTDGuitar:

    Can you play gameboy games with it?

  13. rwaters46:

    I did exactly what u said & I also even searched within the gpSPhone app itself & it doesn’t work! Whenever I tap on the rom it crashes! Help!

  14. chris waggoner:

    Is there a way to download No$gba to jailbroke iPod touch

  15. InvisibleRokell:

    @joey walker jail breaking is not illegal you dumb ass but this package is illegal.

  16. Messi10xzx:

    How do u add cheats…

  17. aidonia3rd:

    it doesnt work for me .

  18. Joey Walker:

    how the fuck gonna report you for playing gameboy advance on your iphone? apple police? get real. Plus Jaulbreaking is LEGAL