Resident Evil 6 walkthrough — Ada Ending + Secret Ending HD part 13 Ada walkthrough gameplay RE6

Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough Part 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 etc ada wong chris Leon Jake ada sherry full game HD Campaign gameplay no commentary PS3 XBOX360 let’s play playthrough **Playlist link** PC RE6 walkthrough HD Playlist Link Resident Evil 6 walkthrough part 1 no commentary Resident Evil 6 playthrough part 1 Darksiders 2 Let’s play part 1 «Resident Evil 6 walkthrough part 1″ ( Resident Evil 6 walkthrough part 1 ) (Resident Evil 6 walkthrough part 1) My Channel Link Resident Evil 6 walkthrough part 1» Playlist Link Resident Evil 6 RE6 Gameplay videos, Trailers and Walkthrough will be posted here, subscribe to stay updated with the Latest RE6 videos. Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough Part 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 etc Resident Evil 6 Gameplay PS3 XBOX360 PC no commentary Leon Chris jake RE6 Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough Playlist Resident evil 6 walkthrough part 1 leon chris ada jake sherry gameplay let’s play playthrough lets mission official ending final boss guide pt game games hd subtitles vs mercenaries online multiplayer chapter death zombie walking dead episode PS3 XBOX PC XBOX 360 no commentary Campaign opening intro youtube review english secret shooter best top cutscene cutscenes movie E3 ipad iphone RE6 trailer puzzle intro 3ds dead space ( Resident evil 6 walkthrough part 1 ) walkthrough HD Playlist Link Resident Evil 6 walkthrough part 1 no commentary Resident Evil 6 playthrough part 1

[youtube Zm8qKyqoeEo]

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комментариев 20

  1. Maggie C:

    hey don’t be an asshole

  2. agarciaag213:

    How the hell was that jake is that where he went in the ending

  3. Justin Carter:

    Its a video game maybe the extremsits need to get the fuck over it. And any all religion is fucking retarded except fot buddhism.

  4. Michael Eaton:

    resident evil 7!!!!

  5. strokeur ego:

    Welldone capcom for removing all antagonists now giving res a shit story line. RIP

  6. yummypie20:

    it’s their game bro.. I’m indian and say if this were to take place in india. I wouldnt mind if there was shooting in a temple. or if they used any mantra for the sound. it would be cool to me. just be a little open minded

  7. QUIMERA992:

    good job Capcom, now my favorite game is a making money machine

  8. David Duran:

    is that suppose to be wesker in the cacoon im cofused someone pls answer this

  9. keys4players:

    WTF i dont get it ada secret video?

  10. OtherWorld96:

    ……Im so confuse…..if someone has the time…please explain it to me…..EXPLAIN IT TO ME……Oh….and whats up with Adas bF

  11. Victor Alves Marques:

    Ada: So Cute!
    Leon: Ada… :3
    Helena: What about me?? Damn it. ¬¬

  12. Dragodylon:

    Loved the walkthrough mate, 10 THUMBS UP!!!!!!!!

  13. plaguenumber3:

    if they shoot in churches kill the president and destroy african ruins you can assume they’ll destroy a mosque or two…but few writters are ever willing to ‘attack’ mecca.

  14. TripleRp:

    (Are you always this technical?) I mean that I like that Jake seems to want to do good for others and not destroy the world’s population like Wesker (what are you talking about?).

  15. warkidx3x:

    Don’t understand why there was a Jake secret ending for Ada but what ever I feel it should have been some one else under the hood like Jill Valintine or Claire Redfield where the hell has she been and why is Jill of all people not envolved with all this especially when Chris gets amnesia. And I know it prob would have made no sense but I was hoping for Wesker to pop out of the cacoon.

  16. warkidx3x:

    Um Jake doesn’t have any powers he just has antibodies cause of Wesker being his dad

  17. Extreme2107:

    Resident Evil 7 is coming

  18. superslick12345:

    Never played RE Umbrella Chronicles have you? Play the Death’s door scenario to know how she escaped Raccoon. 😉

  19. BloodyRedFantasy:

    Jake <3 I hope RE7 is centered around him.

  20. WatcherHenry:

    Nah, that was a lie that she told Leon in RE2. Though that ex-boyfriend was her boyfriend since she was working on stealing G-virus or T-virus. However, it’s still not clear that how she actually survived in RE2, cuz i m sure that she was so damn dead in both endings in RE2. My assumption is she s a carrier like Sherry, especially she had been working for Wesker during the whole time.