iPhone 5 Dock- Works with the New iPhone & iPad Mini

▶▶▶▶ www.iDocks.net New iPhone 5 Dock — Works with the New iPhone & iPad Mini. Insert your new iPhone 5 or iPad Mini Lightning Cable in seconds. Available in three Stylish Patterns. The Honey, Fracture & Diamond. Each design it etched into the solid surface of the dock. Made of Solid Material, iDocks iPhone 5 Dock is solidly built to last a lifetime. Weighing in at over a pound the dock prevents your iPhone or iPad Mini from tipping. Creating a dock for the iPhone 5 was part desperation and inspiration. There were simply no iPhone 5 docks or iPad Mini docks to be found. Three months of design and redesign later we had a dock ready to show the public. Creating a simple but sweetly beautiful dock that would showcase your phone or mini meant we had to come up with an idea that was simple, looked great and felt great in your hands. We are not stopping there. Our three man architectural design and production team has new ideas already in the works. We will be launching new docks in the following weeks to work with the Lightning Cable iPhone 5. Subscribe to our channel to see new videos of the new docks as they roll out. We love the idea of crowd sourcing an idea and product. We all win in the end by customer comments, suggestions and ideas to make our product better. Please leave comments with your ideas on how we can deliver a product you want on your desk.

[youtube n6BtHaBFZBs]

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  1. Billy5431000:

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  2. IDocks:

    Hi Erdung,
    You will only need your hands to assemble the dock. You will only need to insert your cable and set your new iPhone 5 dock on the table and your are set. Thanks for the great question!

  3. IDocks:

    Presently we are stating two days to ship out. Monday thru Friday. We are shipping with the USPO Priority mail and the dock is tracked through their system. You can read more on our Shipping page.

  4. IDocks:

    Yes we can offer you a discount on multiple orders.Please contact us on the website with your request and we will shoot an email right back.
    As well we can can offer personalization to your dock it you want to use these as business or personal gifts. This option will be coming in the future. Thanks for the great question!

  5. IDocks:

    Right back at you and thanks for the kudos. Cheers!

  6. IDocks:

    We had had help making our first video and we are learning as we go. Thanks for the comment!

  7. IDocks:

    Thanks for your comment!

  8. IDocks:

    Thanks, staying simple and stylish was our main design goal. We wanted a dock that looked great with your iPhone 5, iPhone 4 or iPad Mini.

  9. IDocks:

    iDocks.net makes our docks entirely in the U.S. We source materials and manufacture in the U.S. Competing against Chinese docks should be no problem at all. Since we source and manufacture ourselves we can make changes and improvements on the fly. We are not stuck with one dock and can evolve and adapt to our customers needs. Thanks for the great question!

  10. IDocks:

    Thanks Mike, we really appreciate your great taste.

  11. IDocks:

    Thanks Ivan!!

  12. IDocks:

    Of course you can 🙂 just visit our order page and select your favorite dock.

  13. IDocks:

    We are ready to ship when you order. Thanks!

  14. IDocks:

    Thanks we apperciate your comment about our new iPhone 5 dock and your business.

  15. adejmsps3:

    I like how this dock stands higher than most. It really looks cool on my table and I am very happy with it.