Build a Hackintosh Mac and Install OS X in Eight Easy Steps: 2010 Edition

For more details, see

[youtube vOVHi59CzXs]


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  1. Welches123:

    1. an iMac (new) starts at $1,200.
    2. The parts he used in the video are cheaper now
    3. Good luck getting 8GB of Ram and a SSD in a mac for under $1800

  2. satish19646:

    Yep! Throw Your PC Away Pal!

  3. PanzerFaustFurious:


  4. satish19646:

    No Cause Hackintoshs Are For Fart Hoffers And Regular Macs Get U Layed!

  5. satish19646:

    And Macs Get You Layed!

  6. satish19646:

    Well PCs Are For Fart Hoffers!

  7. satish19646:

    Look Listen See How His Hardware Was Over $1000 Dollars. Then For The Aluminum iMac It’s $299.00.

  8. CombatGuner62:

    mac is a waste of money…
    i go with Ubuntu 12.10 and it serves me well, plus its genuine free and you can get it to look and work like a mac if you like to. (however i did not like the mac look-and-feel so i did not do so)

  9. alghifari muhammad:


  10. Deep Chauhan:

    very bad music!

  11. HCWAG:

    You would really notice the difference down the road considering this could run both windows and mac better than a mac could, with better hardware available for cheaper than apple would offer.

  12. satish19646:

    No. I Said The Regular Mac Is 299.00$ But His Was Over 1,000 Dollars For A Hackintosh! And Running The Same Way!

  13. MattTMoss:

    Notice this hackintosh has a lot better hardware then a mac you could buy for the same amount of money.

  14. brhodes0:

    Go to tonymac’s hackintosh site…look at the golden builds section…that’s probably the best way to make sure you get comparable components

  15. prethpal:

    hey i really need your help.. can i build a hackintosh with this hardware?
     here is what i am going to buy (planing to get)
    motherboard = asus P8Z77-v pro
    ram = 16gb DDR3
    intel core i5 3.4 ghz
    ati graphic card = SAPPHIRE HD 7870 GHZ EDITION 2GB GDDR5 i am using asus motherboard because for me it is the best…… so will i be able to build a hackintosh???? if this motherboard model cant be used to build a hachintosh….. which asus motherboard model do you suggest me to buy…. 🙂 thanks

  16. satish19646:

    Yeah .You Can.

  17. H4voCz0r:

    Sure… you can buy the same a PC with the same hardware as a MAC for the same price sure…. MAC is always at least 2x more expensive on the same hardware specs…

  18. brhodes0:

    You do realise this is from 2010 satish? You Epic TWAT!

  19. satish19646:

    You Know You Could Have Bought A Macintosh Running The Same Way For $
    299.00 Then Spending Over A Thousand Dollars For A Hackintosh Plus The Hackintosh Is Copyright Of Apple So EPIC FAIL………

  20. L1M12:

    The Chimera bootloader recognizes multiple drives, so you can have them installed and plugged in at the same time. Only have the SSD that you want OSX installed to plugged in when installing. When it’s finished, unplug the SSD and plug the other in and install Windows to that. After that its safe to have both SSD’s plugged in at the same time.