Hong Gil Dong MV — If.. (JGS & SY) #5

*MV starring Jang Geun Suk & Sung Yuri (episode 01 to 24). *Download link (IPOD Size) PLEASE, don’t reupload it as your own. www.megaupload.com *Songs from: Yiruma — Love Me Tae Yeon (So Nyeo Shi Dae) — 만약에(What If) MV made by Laiyiwen —NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED—

[youtube oraSyLRuHLs]

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комментариев 19

  1. kjw080300:

    장근석 역시 연기 잘한다…

  2. linnjgurtner:

    I’m beginning to think no one cares. But this is very great acting.;)

  3. swtalmatar:

    A very nice serial

  4. AphroditeEros33:

    choa <3 choa <3 choa <3 thanxoxoxo for this beautiful vid:)

  5. Kassyale:

    this drama is great !!!especially for JKS, poor baby very heartbreaking

  6. diana gabriela cuno rodriguez:

    si tan solo jang geun suk seria el primer artista : miraria el dorama

  7. pang839:


  8. JenniLevyGutierrez:

    WAAAAAAAAAAAAA nose queda con sukkie??

  9. sadeem345975:


  10. thainatty:

    I’ve seen JKS at the first time by this serie and I love him since that time^^

  11. sandy cepl:

    este dorama es bonito pero yo queria que la protagonista se quedara con jang keun suk =(

  12. FaithInKeep:

    omg ;___; forever heartbroken when seeing geun suk ‘s sorrowful expression
    babe come to me i wanna hug u ;~;

  13. Nanzy pb:

    Like Tae Yuon song and Jang guin sok
    Belove ^__^

  14. mojahedaljabriable:

    ااااااه ياناس عليها صوت ياهو يجنن وربي روووووعه.. فديتها كم احبها ♥♥♥Taeyeon

  15. QAMAR463:

    me too

  16. konomeako:

    you just wanna give him a hug~

  17. ainijenny:


  18. iriscute23:

    i love jang keun suk !!..

  19. nanakris doggie:

    Jang Keun Suk’s acting skills was already so good then when he was only 21 years old in Hong Gil Dong. His eyes are so expressive n emotional when acting in sad scenes. Truly a talented actor who is not just ‘reading scripts only’ but brings out the emotions of the character he plays!!!