Hackintosh From Start to Finish (Part 6): What about Windows?

In this video series, I hope to explain everything that you need to know about building a hackintosh. Throughout this series, I take you from the beginning stages of planning and researching, all the way to having Mac OS X fully running on your PC! In part 6 of my Hackintosh series, I answer the question «What about Windows?». I take you on a quick tour of the Parallels Desktop virtual machine, as well as a full tutorial on how to dual boot with Windows 7! Here’s the accompanying blog post on TekSocial: bit.ly More questions? Check me out on Twitter: @cpukid Also be sure to check out the TonyMacx86 forums. This process wouldn’t be possible without TonyMac and his community! www.TonyMacx86.com

[youtube cIBiGsqvAWg]


Video Rating: 4 / 5

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комментариев 16

  1. coolkira12:

    mate , would you still recommending hd 6850 now ? since the price is quite low now

  2. Matthew Mohammed:

    very nice i gonna install windows on a 64 gb ssd

  3. charan k.v:

    like to about graphic card as well 🙂

  4. 5N19ERG0D:

    Do you still have to make a partition at the start if you are installing windows to a separate hard drive?

  5. shirke01:

    Can you show us How to BOOT CAMP for windows 8

  6. Critycal Jess:

    hey since you are 21 now are you changing you hackintosh juice to jin and coke? lol

  7. Penkku99:

    One guy don’t have computer!

  8. michaelndavid:

    Hey Bob, I just wanted to thank you so much. Your tutorials are idiot proof and comprehensive as well as entertaining and engaging. I don’t know how many other people it would help, but I know I would greatly appreciate a video solely on going from a windows 7 based system to a dual boot system with 7 and Mountain Lion on the same SSD. (I want both OS’s to be on a SSD for speed, but do not want to buy two different SSD’s)

    Thank you again!

  9. Levi Doughty:

    That is so cool!! I care so much!!

  10. cfiore88:

    From what I remember from my hackintosh, the easiest way to dual boot between Windows and Mac OS X was to install Windows first.

  11. MrMouch123:

    hey man thx for putting on all these amazing vids u helped me make my hackintosh with confidence seriously thx man i ow u so much 

  12. jreb58:

    really interested in hackintosh, starting my build, was wondering if u knew if an ASUS Maximus V EXTREME would work

  13. matthew crane:

    i love your videos about toy os x and wicked 7

  14. SageDeceit26:

    my brain literally blew up trying to comprehend what he was saying….

  15. hockeyman361:

    would you have about the same speed on parraels as you would bootcamp ?

  16. Ballistic Bacon:

    Hey I have a problem…
    When I get to the option menu and press on windows it tells me «BOOTMGR is missing»
    then tells me to restart.