David Jackson — Teaching Shouting Pattern in Musician Breakthrough Dvd

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[youtube oYLYAr98d5U]

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комментариев 20

  1. fredthekeyboardguy:

    Daggggggggg!!!!!!!Daggggggggg?!!!You bad dude.Love it.

  2. stradaveriusfiddle:

    thats what I’m sayin’!

  3. stradaveriusfiddle:

    Amen to that, Bless you bro, for sharing. I been playin blues for a long time, and have always wondered what all is goin on when I hear this stuff. Dream come true to see it explained rather slowly. It will still take me forever to get just what is here down. .That is pretty cool, thanks, D.Jackson

  4. Domier Holmes:

    HAHAHA! REally dude???? And you like GIVING this info away? God bless you man! This is priceless!

  5. kelvin merrill:

    say man u sick on them keys dang! im bout to order that dvd

  6. Georgette Burns:

    I employed my grandchildren to clap for me. I cook their special meals every time they come to my house in exchange for their hands clapping.

  7. Keys1500:

    this, man, is, a beast! lol

  8. gospelstringer:


  9. 934303713:

    very good for a long time now I’ve been looking this kind of music but do not know what the name of the same style, please how do I download music but with this style choir of voices?

  10. Eddie Hill:

    Thank You, I’ve been needing this for church. God Bless

  11. Miciah Holman:

    there called click tracks theres software for it on a laptop or drum machine

  12. Eddie Hill:

    Does anyone know how I can get that clap sound that he uses for rhythm while he plays starting at 0:22?

  13. Chellblazer Blazer:

    Awesome!!! Keep it comin!!!

  14. Keith Hill:

    Check Out My Channel for Instructional Bass Course!!!

  15. novaadm:

    kenny baker from baltimore i say this is simply the best i thank god for you my brother.

  16. MRSdbrown219:

    Killin bro!!
    Artis brown sending love from the Midwest #thecogicorganist

  17. dreburch:

    Makes me wonder what I’ve been doing all of these years…

  18. Eddie Anderson:

    This guy makes me want to quit!

  19. tHeUnCoOlSoCiEtY:

    wait did he just say, that was just the intro…..WHAT ??? wow i got a lot to learn

  20. gotphatchords:

    My God! Your chops are incredible. Thx!