Floating iPhone

Apparently you needed to step out of the beard for a while. Driftless Pony Club plays is Portland TONIGHT! at Twin Paradox. 7pm. The rest of the tour dates: Aug. 3 — Seattle, WA — Studio Seven Aug. 5 — Provo, UT — Velour Aug. 6 — Colorado Springs, CO — Sunshine Studios Aug. 8 — Omaha, NE — Pizza Shop Collective Aug. 9 — Minneapolis, MN — Acadia Cafe Aug. 10 — Madison, WI — High Noon Saloon

[youtube R0EHGEvbf54]

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комментария 23

  1. Psyberologist:

    Reaction: Incredible 🙂

  2. therewindeffect:

    when the iphone was spinning and everyone appeared to be asleep i was afraid that the driver would be asleep too

  3. Airickk2021:

    .. pretty good. . . i would have crapped my pants, if it floated outside of the car and just kinda hovered around and then returned

  4. ElineRockchick:

    Wha.. But- how..

  5. starholder5:


  6. merv61:

    spin out!

  7. Lenalouwho23:

    So…. Dizzy…

  8. grapes weiner:


  9. HenryMonmouth:

    I’d heard there was an app for that.

  10. Stephanie Hogan:

    Probably watched this a good 10+ times. The beard slam makes it. SO CLEVER!

  11. DoctorEllen4:

    hahah that was really well done! 😀

  12. Jared Sellick:

    Where did you get there autographs?

  13. pkConda:

    tried to post a picture of their autographs. failed at it. Anyways, sam’s autograph is «SAM!»

  14. Jared Sellick:


  15. pkConda:


  16. pkConda:


  17. Autumntum:

    The beardlovelies escaped from your beard for a second and floated around the van cabin like a dandelion seed caught in the wind!!! We just needed some air. We’re good now and returned back to our home in your beard.

  18. LalalalalaLauren75:

    Your iPhone is programed for beard slam floating?

  19. Jared Sellick:

    Why didn’t sam say anything

  20. buttercupisevil:

    I can only imagine the planning that went into this xD Loved it

  21. Martin Veritas:

    oh my god, your iphone is floating!!

  22. Nightyyou:

    This landscape looks totally where I live. And I am not even in the US.

  23. OrangebearProducts:

    You guys passed to each other, but HOW?