Kane — Rain Down On Me (Tiësto Remix)

Kane — Rain Down On Me-Tiësto Remix HandBrake Avidemux VisualHub & and of course a Hackintosh

[youtube wZHCocBkZFo]

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комментария 23

  1. Nitro NItro:

    Tiesto lives!!!

  2. 30STMcwa:

    ..dman you Tiesto.. memories < 3

  3. Sorakuchiki:

    everyone wants tiesto back me being one but he can do w.es dont worry this commericial shit is just a phrase. trance is tiesto

  4. pipike150:

    A mester!! 🙂

  5. Alexandr M:

    Yep, tiesto, come back in music!
    Because I have yet not so very good results in my music ))

  6. Carpenter261:

    I would agree… The «in» thing appears to be «DancePop». It’s not necessarily a bad thing — music seems to go in loops — so perhaps the next generation of trance will have developed for the better!

  7. Priest Maiden:

    Trance is out sadly enough for the fans.

  8. Priest Maiden:


  9. yomerosinel:

    I agree…

  10. Oscar Aleman:

    amo esa coancion,I love that song

  11. Javier Barrios:

    Shivers 4:01 — 4:57

  12. MrS33U:


  13. JohnnyRigman:

    half way through kane just loses all control and stops singing, cause hes in a trance frenzy, and begins pumping up the crowd

  14. Mohamed Al-Kadhafi:

    a not bad version..

  15. Sean Pasterfield:

    The Beat, the Vocal & the Bass. Tiesto Magic!

  16. 2phalanges:

    fuck rock concerts i rather go raving and watch this guy play

  17. ShayMuzikk:

    Goosebumps all over and almost a tear in my eye, ’cause I remember this like it was yesterday. Long live Dutch House Music, this video shows how we were already doing this 10-15 years ago. We set up the path for the rest of the world to follow, but the industry will always be for us to lead. Wij zijn de baaaaaassssss!!!!

  18. Hugo Peterssen:

    Magik Duet_ kane*T

  19. njluvspizzaandfish:

    WOW!!! This is awesome… 🙂

  20. simes147:

    I was there and it was awsome!

  21. evilevilkitty89:

    Kane’s real name is Dinand Woesthoff I think.

  22. evilevilkitty89:

    I’m so glad I was into Trance back in the early 00’s when it was fucking real Trance and when Tiesto was still underground, I enjoyed his music so much and will always be thankful for his work, too bad its all changed now but I still respect Tiesto, he’s a master of Electronic music.

  23. Tae gun:

    Would have loved to hear thsi live what a tune what a song, just fantastic I miss this Tiesto .