BEARDYMAN & FRIENDS’ «Complete and Utter Shambles» (episode 2 — PART 2)

A random, anarchic, improvised music and comedy show directed by the crowd, and loosely held together by Beardyman. INDEX [click on a time to jump to that part] 00:13 Welcome back to the lounge 00:30 We Never Stop 01:34 We’re Back! 03:17 Pubic Hairstyles 04:42 Embarrassment Gameshow 05:50 An Audience with Video Scratching 13:20 The Return of Kluzmy Tung 14:03 Random Word Generator in a Green Day Calypso style 17:00 Banana Freestyle while eating a Banana 19:55 Return of Helleanor & ‘J’m Black 20:10 Getting Weird 21:14 Not Safe in Here 21:30 Reindeers can’t play guitar! 22:04 Live Video Sampling 22:46 Don’t Tell My Brother! 23:44 Monkey Jizz 25:40 Stud On The Farm 26:24 The iPod Amnesty 29:23 The Moonmins will Destroy The BNP ( with home baking ) Featuring the insane talents of: JFB (Live-sampling-turntablism-DJ) Klumzytung (Freestyle-crowd-punisher-MC) Jay Foreman (Minstrel-genius-Musical-comedian) Heleanor (Epic-Saxophone-beauty-wigs) http ‘j’m Black (SpaceGuitar-fx-Looping-beard) mr_hopkinson (Visuals-live-google-image-searching-Video-editor-Visual-artist-Legend) Watch and enjoy. . . oh yes. . . For more information on future gig dates and more videos and audios go to

[youtube -MGRn4LWKR4]

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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комментариев 12

  1. lauriloll:

    i was just pointing it out, wasn’t accusing anybody.

  2. bigkarem:

    she probably shouldnt of been there parents fault really hes not gonna edit his whole show the parents obviously didnt have a problem with it, parents are at fault not beardyman

  3. bigkarem:

    lol jiml fix it. . . . awwkward

  4. Letkotonimo:

    Piją Żywca Grubo ciekawe kiedy pojawią sieę w Krk?

  5. QuigleyMMA:

    Thumbs up if your first thought at 13:58 was «Ohmygod, THE PUBES!»

  6. m4c8it:

    13:22 Żywiec kurwa! DZIĘKUJĘ!

  7. MaxLawlessPhoto:

    Beardyman is a techno-geek-beatbox-wizard but he grabs wack from the jaws of not-wack by being too much of a Brightonian student.

  8. lauriloll:

    yea i know, i’m just saying. great childhood.

  9. BetaKrogoth:

    Its the parents responcibility to make sure kids aren’t effected by this stuff, not the performers.

  10. lauriloll:

    there was a little girls on the show and they showed pubes on a big screen, said an awful lot on fucks and made a song of monkey masturbating and eating it’s own cum. well, that’s nice.

  11. Hapkidoka:

    Music acquired: Technology
    *level up!

  12. Hapkidoka:

    I want more of this…