Hackintosh Pro Project! [Part 1]

The Hackintosh Pro Project is born! The goal of this project is create a beast of a video editing rig for 2013. Objective #2: Dual boot OSX Mountain Lion and Windows 8 (or 7)! Intro Track: ASDF Movie Song Outro Track: «Channel 41» by Deadmau5 ~ twitter.com gplus.to facebook.com facebook.com instagram.com

[youtube iwaW6HR9dw4]


Video Rating: 4 / 5

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комментария 24

  1. Kerpaltheballer:

    I love my hackintosh. I made one about 2 years ago with an i5 2.9ghz, 8gbs ram, and an nvidia 1gb graphics card. I made all of it for under 600 dollars and it still run lions great!

  2. Tony Parrovechio:

    This is exactly what I’m looking for! I’m running Windows * on A new PC I Just built and I’m dying to dual boot OS X. Got snow leopard on its way to me. I’m GONNA do this. It sure will be helpful to have an «up to date» set of videos on how to make this happen. I really appreciate it man. This is gonna be fun. Thanx!

  3. Sanjay Wilson:

    Lmfao made my day

  4. ernestryles:

    Your comment is only partially correct. Right in one aspect, but wrong in another. Tiger was OSX 10.4. Before that there were cheetah, puma, jaguar,and panther (10.0 — 10.3 respectively). So OSX is anything from 10.0-the current 10.8.X. That said, most people are on using Snow Leopard, Lion, or Mountain Lion nowadays.

  5. David Sjöberg:

    yeah im not even sure you can install ios on a mac

  6. bleedinsixcolours:

    You dont put iOS on the computer. Heres clearly another Mad kid that cant afford a Mac, and dont know what hes talking about. Macs run Mac OS X, iPhones, iPods and iPads run iOS. Also Windows8 is also based a lot around Linux, so is every other operating system in the world pretty much, and installing it will defiantly not ruin your computer, it would actually make you want to use it a lot more, Windows is just dry and irritating.

  7. spourop22:

    First: you said IOS 10 ‘dumb shit’
    Second: OS10 can be Tiger-Mountain lion
    Third: Mountain lion is 10.8


  8. Obadiah Robinson,:

    W7 ONLY!!!!!!! W8 is crap

  9. Nick Cormier:

    Windows 8

  10. aza510:

    w8.. stick to the lastest gear and technology

  11. EInc1000:

    8/mountain Lion 2 of the newest on both sides that is like  2 of the greatest armies working together

  12. i jonesy:

    NivIdia GeForce 640, I am building my own desktop and this is the card I’m gonna get would like to see it in action

  13. Dilster3k:

    You’re talking about OS X right? Windows 8 sucks anyway.

  14. roboguy1215:

    Eh I dunno…I’m a long-time fan of OSX (because of its Unix core) but it’s gradually tending towards a glorified iOS. Facebook/Twitter sharing integrated into the operating system is not advancement or innovation.

  15. Lucas Gantioqui:

    but it is great for Gaming too right?

  16. ArtzyConcepts:

    os 10 is loin dumbshit

  17. Poornoobtroll:

    @spourop22 OS X, faggot.

  18. DaMNedNiNja:

    8 sucks. It’s slower to use because of the new «start menu» and you won’t be as productive on 8 as you are in 7.

  19. Calvin Owen:

    I’d say Windows 8, because it has better native driver support than Windows 7. If you don’t want the start screen, you can bring back the old start menu REALLY easily. Win 8 is just a whole lot better than people give it credit for, and a whole lot better than Win 7.

  20. spourop22:

    Retard ios10 doesn’t even exist…

  21. kirayamato94:

    windows 8 its good… but need some adjustments i made mine windows 8 just like my window 7 so might as well upgrade

  22. TheMaddCrew:

    *Vice Versa

  23. Jamil Hani El Hallak:

    Windows 8 definitely, I don’t know why people hate on 8 so much, it’s more stable, more efficient, and just better altogether, and if it wasn’t for the new start screen (for some), it would be near perfect. It is also a lot more geared to the future than 7. BTW, I am sure that IF u hate the new start screen, someone will create a great way to go back to the old start screen, as for me, I like it, it’s cleaner, more organized, and for the first time ever, windows is actually a fresh OS.

  24. StuffTubeAmwesome:

    You mean MacOSX? iOS is for iOS devices, not Macs! MacOSX won’t ruin your computer, iOS will!